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Primary Education

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Aptus Home Teach

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Would you like to be closer to what your child is learning at school and more importantly understand what is actually in the national curriculum?

Would you like your child to have additional Learning resources allowing them to master subjects and topics?

Now you can have full control over this at home.
Gain an advantage over your children’s studies - Use the tool teachers use to complement their teaching. By using the teachers’ digital teaching tool to deliver learning at home you can access lots of digital learning resources, with an easy to use tree structure which enables you to pinpoint the topics all mapped to the relevant key stage (which is clearly specified) within the national curriculum.

Our unique software contains academic resources designed to enrich your child’s understanding of key concepts and see their application. Lessons are proven to increase your child’s attainment levels.


Turn learning maths into an adventure for young children through unique games – each mapped to the maths curriculum.

Young children are the most demanding age group, learning how to capture their attention can be quite a task!

The challenge is even bigger when you want them to engage in educational material during the holidays…it is key to keep their attention spans.

Learning needs to be effective in achieving educational goals while providing engaging and fun activities.

It is essential that young children understand mathematical concepts and learn to use them in everyday life. Aptus Home Teach delivers this to them with bright cartoon like designs for our games.

What you get in this HUGE Package of Educational Resources

Each game is mapped to the national curriculum!

At Aptus Home Teach we want to make learning practical and fun and more importantly relevant – to ensure your child gets ahead quickly.

Key features & Benefits

12 Months Unlimited Access.
OVER 5000 Individual Games for Key Stages 1 & 2.
BESA (British Educational Supplier Association) Approved material.
Choosing the right resource game for each stage of the curriculum is easy with our drag and drop platform.
Pupils can choose a Motivating Avatar Friend (from our selection of characters) to help keep children engaged and guide and assist within learning resources.
Interactive exercises to consolidate the learning.
Keeps children happy and learning for months!
Proven to give your child a head start.

System Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the PC system requirements to run Aptus software?
Answer: Click here to test your system now and install

Question: How do I search for specific topics?
Answer: You can use the curriculum tree down the centre of the page to look for resources

Question: How do I find resources around a topic I am currently studying?
Answer: Either use the Key stage mapping which is split to cover both AQA and Edexcel National Curriculums to find a resources – Topic.
Or use the Search box and enter the topic or subject you are looking for.

Question: Are your resources Videos?
Answer: No our resources are all within the following forms, Simulations, Class Activities, Student Activities, Animations, Illustrations, Slideshows, PDF’s and Whiteboard Exercises all of which can be used across your standard home PC / laptop.




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