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Careers as a Football Intermediary

Why study for a career as a Football Intermediary?

You can become a Football Intermediary just by registering with your local Football Association, but if you do this without the correct knowledge and skills, you could end up misrepresenting a client (whether that be a club or a player) and denting both of your reputations. It’s like doing your practical driving test without having lessons or having passed your theory – just because you may think you can do it, you may end up crashing. e-Careers have put everything in place for you to not just get into the football industry as an Intermediary, but also establish yourself. We have two solutions available:
  • Football Intermediary Professional ProgrammeA full programme that covers the Football Intermediary Certificate, three Advanced Development webinars that cover more in-depth topics and our Exclusive Access Event which will be held quarterly at QPR’s historic Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium. The next date will be the 13th February 2020.
Responsibilities you’ll have
As a Football Intermediary you’ll have many player responsibilities, both on and off of the pitch. These responsibilities will include:
Career Advice
You will always need to hold the player’s best interest at heart; if they’re pushing for a move to a big team but aren’t guaranteed to play or develop, it might not be the best move for them at this stage while they hone their craft. It’s down to you to be honest and remind them of the position they’re in and the potential they have.
Off-field Assistant
This could range from anything to helping them relocate, giving them a lift to training, finding accommodation, sorting out a deal for their first car; anything that is going to help them off the pitch that will help them to focus on what matters most: what they do on it!
PR & Image Rights
You may have heard recently that Paulo Dybala’s rumoured transfer to the Premier League hit a sizeable obstacle – that obstacle was his image rights! The company who represents him didn’t want to sell his image rights to any club he moved to for less than £40million! You can ensure that a player keeps protects their own image rights, and most importantly, maintains a good reputation.
Player marketing, dishing out their CV or showreel to the right contacts, marketing your services to prospective clients and clubs; you name it, it’s going to go hand-in-hand with the “selling” part of your role.
Player Recruitment and Selling
Recruiting players and selling them is part and parcel of your day-to-day role. Clubs are always on the look out for the next big star, and you should be too! Whether it’s recruiting clients to your services, or finding them for a club you work alongside, there may be a time where you’re doing nothing but fielding calls and drafting emails regarding a player you have who meets specific criteria (think transfer windows!).
Finance & Wealth Management
It’s well known that footballers can be reckless with their spending. Help them to look after their wealth and assets so that, when the time comes, they can rest assured that their money has been well invested and managed.
Contract Negotiations
Here’s where Intermediaries really earn their keep. It’s all about getting the best deal for your client; keep in mind this is usually where Intermediaries earn their money too; usually 3-10% of their client’s annual salary!
Being an Intermediary has a huge variety of opportunities and roles available. You could represent: Younger clients as they look to make a name for themselves Older clients who are looking to manage their finances and ventures in the twilight of their career Clubs who are looking to find the perfect player to fill the void in their squad A player who’s looking to find the right club in the prime of their career Do you have a background in finance? Great, you could advise players on their next investment or financial move. Do you have a degree in law or specialise in sports law? Go through their contracts and ensure that their employer has their best interests at heart or isn’t in charge of a player’s image rights. And, remember, there is also a lot of opportunity in lower professional leagues and semi-professional clubs to make a name for yourself before heading to the big leagues!You can start your career as an Intermediary anytime – no longer do you have to pay a hefty sum in liability insurance or pass an exam so rigorous that high-ranking professionals in notoriously difficult professionals were failing it. Now, all you have to do is register with your local FA. In England (this is where e-Careers are based so this is our example), you must pay £500 to the FA, pass a Code of Practice assessment and a DBS check, then you’re ready to roll. But when you have fulfilled these practical steps of gaining your licence (a licence you must have to represent players), what do you actually need to do? This is where e-Careers come in. We have produced the Football Intermediary Certificate to give you all the knowledge you need to operate in the role of a Football Intermediary and deliver a professional service to your clients. We have now also developed the Football Intermediary Professional Programme to build your knowledge, develop it in-depth through mentoring and comprehensive webinars, and build your contact base through a networking and knowledge building Event where you learn from industry experts and other aspiring Intermediaries. You won’t need to go anywhere else.
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