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5 reasons why your business needs Lean Six Sigma
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5 reasons why your business needs Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a conceptual framework that extends far beyond grass roots and branches into every aspect of a company’s operations. It combines the two simplified objectives of improving quality and reducing waste. When applied correctly, Six Sigma push organisational change towards a more profitable and scalable business.  

However, this is not a one glove fits all approach. Lean Six Sigma works best when the individuals executing the projects are trained up within a company, so they can be moulded to create the perfect solution for a business.  

1. Effective time management  

Smart use of business time can be the difference between sinking or swimming – and can help achieve those all-important deadlines.  

Setting smart goals when applying the data principles of Lean Six Sigma soon brings to the surface the noise and interruptions that can disrupt attention and stall work.  

2. Strategic planning  

Using analysis such as SWOT and leveraging this through Six Sigma practices will help you focus on areas that need to be improved. You’ll be able to decipher internal process, eliminate complexities where necessary, and increase the productivity and work completed.  

3. Increased customer loyalty 

Lean Six Sigma improves processes internally which leads to a better customer experience with delivery and quality of services. This in turn leads to customer satisfaction by providing higher value, which will generate repeat custom and become promotors for your business.  

4. Employee motivation and morale  

One of Lean Six Sigma’s benefits is that anyone can grasp and learn it’s functionality and utilise it within a business. Having employees who are consistently delivering value and driving business change through Six Sigma principles can increase their feeling of belonging and develop their skills, keeping them motivated and happy in their work.   

5. Increased innovation 

When management aren’t putting out fires and solving problems for most of the day, they are able to free up their time, leading to an increase in creative and innovative ideas – which are often the ideas that propels businesses ahead of the competition.  

Lean Six Sigma with e-Careers 

Lean Six Sigma has the power to transform your business operations. Any areas that are slow moving or seem as though they could be more efficient will be tackled with the Six Sigma framework – propelling your business forward and enabling organisational change.  

Training your team in project management is imperative when it comes to getting in front of the competition. Having a standardised programme will ensure that the skills your team adopt are evergreen.  

That’s where e-Careers come in. We are not just another course provider, but an organisation with a mission to partner with businesses, ensuring they are making the most of their biggest asset – their employees.  

Contact us today on 020 3800 0144 to maximise your operational efficiency.  

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