4.8 out of 5 based on 14150 reviews

4.8/5 from 14150 Reviews

6 reasons to get into teaching

If you think teaching is for you, but just need that extra nudge, check out our six reasons to get into teaching and see if they appeal to you. If you’re already working in another career, don’t worry, many Teachers have been retrained from established careers in other industries and this career path is also available to you.

1. Highly rewarding

Teaching is one of the most rewarding industries. You can make a difference in the life of a child as they make their way through their education, helping them to get the hang of a subject they struggle with, or excel in something they’re naturally talented at. When your collective hard-work pays off at the end of the year when the results reflect your teaching strategies and exceed expectations, you’ll know it was the right career choice for you.

2. Sociable role

If you’re anti-social, teaching probably isn’t for you. You will be socialising with kids, as well as educating them. Then there’s your colleagues, the children’s parents, school governors who you must converse with every day to ensure each child is progressing to the best of their ability. Being a Teacher naturally comes with being a part of a social environment.

3. Job security

Teachers will always be needed. One of the reasons that many people become a Teacher is because of the secure future and job security that they will provide themselves as they go through their career. The room for progression is also a huge benefit as you build experience. Most jobs are starting to be replaced by technology and artificial intelligence, but for teaching, that isn’t possible.

4. Holidays

Teachers sometimes work long hours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that will all be in the classroom; you will need to carry out administrative tasks and marking. But, the hard work you put in is rewarded with an accumulative 12 weeks of paid holiday.

5. Variety

Your colleagues won’t be the same. No two kids will be the same. No two days will be the same. Teaching will provide you with a career which will see the most variety, with children providing most of that variety; different reactions to lessons, the curriculum, to you and your methods. The thought of repeating the same task every day is mundane and mind-numbing for most people. If you’re one of these people, teaching could be for you as you start to teach new topics and units to new children.

6. Teach a subject you're passionate about

A survey carried out by The Guardian saw that 36% of Teachers got into their job through a love of their subject. One of the most important elements of great teaching is the Teacher’s depth of content knowledge which comes from a passion and interest in the subject. So, if you’re passionate about Hitler’s rise to power and World War 2, or the influence of Shakespeare’s works on modern English language, this career path could be for you. Implement your own teaching strategies into the curriculum and your passion will be mirrored by the children you teach.

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