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8 groundbreaking businesses in movies

In the business world, it can be hard to come up with an idea that's perceived as original. It can be even harder trying to think of a business idea to invest in. e-Careers lists 8 groundbreaking business ideas in movies that will help you to realise what you need to look out for, or utilise, to make your dreams a reality!

1. Monsters Incorporated - Monsters Inc.

Monsters Incorporated was the largest scare factory in the monster world. They soon change the business strategy after Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan discovered that the laughter of children is more powerful. The city of Monstropolis is then powered by energy from the laughter of human children, a renewable energy source.

The great thing about Monsters Incorporated in Monsters Inc is that the market demanded an energy source to power the city. From electricity to cars, the screams (and latterly, laughter) were used to make the city tick. The demand was huge and the competition was almost zero, making Monsters Incorporated the most sought-after employer for someone to work for.

2. Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania is the place where monsters go to get away from the stresses of everyday (or every night, if they come out at night) life. Count Dracula built a lavish resort where monsters can be themselves without humans around to bother them or threaten them. But, of course it all goes pear-shaped when a human crashes the party.

Dracula sets up the hotel as a means of escape for monsters, the populous of which is more than you would think. A steady income all-year round, which should skyrocket around times like Halloween and other holidays, means that Dracula is onto a winner with his business model with no competition and a lot of demand from weary monsters.

3. Acme – Looney Tunes

Where else would Wile E. Coyote get his TNT and mallets to try and catch the Roadrunner?

Acme Corporation is an organisation that produces ridiculous products that fail or backfire catastrophically at the worst possible times. Despite never actually being seen, Acme appears to produce every product type imaginable from anvils to exploding tennis balls, and giant rubber bands.

Despite their failing products (just like using them, please don’t try this at home), it would seem that Acme must be the only company to produce their wide offering, and with dynamic marketing for their products it seems as though they could sell a tortoise his own shell.

4. Wayne Enterprises – Batman Franchise

AKA Wayne Corp, is a conglomerate owned by Bruce Wayne in the DC Universe. Wayne Enterprises is a green company which earns it brownie points straight away with most customers.

They offer everything from security and technologies to shipping and medical. A truly multinational company with many branches which is as diverse as Bruce Wayne is rich. Wayne Corp’s varied offering is their true strength and Bruce’s business acumen has allowed him to build an empire through spotting excellent business opportunities as an entrepreneur.

5. Stark Industries – Marvel Cinematic Universe

Another comic book company, but this time in the Marvel Universe, Stark Industries was founded by Tony Stark’s grandfather, Isaac. Passed on to Tony, AKA Iron Man, after the death of his father, Howard, it has an estimated sales value of $20.3 billion, ranking at number 16 in Forbes’ list of the 25 largest fictional companies.

Stark Industries is an arms company and defence contractor that develops and manufactures advanced weapons and defence technologies. They utilise their research power and bring their product to the market as the only suitable solution for weapons, becoming ethical after Stark transforms the business model from making bullets and bombs into superhero armour.

Being the manufacturers of the Iron Man and War Machine armour is reason enough for them to be on this list.

6. Wonka Industries – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Wonka Industries is owned and operated by the eccentric Willy Wonka in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. His whacky ideas for confectionary becoming renowned after Grandpa Joe tells his grandson Charlie about legendary Mr. Wonka.

Willy Wonka’s offering becomes the key to his success, as well as his creativity and ability to think outside of the box in delivering confectionary that people wouldn’t usually think of: the three-course chewing gum meal comes to mind. Horrible side effects, but still a great idea.

In 1971, the Willy Wonka Candy Company became a reality when Breaker Confections introduced it to the market. In 1975, they were acquired by Sunmark Corporation, who owned the rights until 1988, when chocolatier giants Nestle acquired the rights to the brand.

7. Oscorp - Spiderman

Oscorp is a multibillion-dollar multinational defence weaponry company that appears in Marvel Comics. According to Forbes, in their list of 25 largest fictional companies, it had an estimated sales of $3.1 billion.

Norman Osborn, the company’s former CEO, utilised his understanding of chemistry, electrical engineering and business management to form a partnership with his teacher, Professor Mendel Stromm, and create Oscorp.

8. Tyrell Corp - Blade Runner

Forbes lists Tyrell Corp as having an estimated net worth of $59.4 billion. That’s more than Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries combined. In Blade Runner, Tyrell Corp produce androids known as replicants. Replicants are identical to humans in appearance, but possess superior strength, speed, agility, resilience and intelligence, to varying degrees.

Despite initial success, replicants soon become illegal on Earth after a mutiny was staged against an off-world colony. But, their ability to deliver ground-breaking research and development in firstly delivering animal replicants (animoids) and then fully functioning human clones can’t be ignored, and is a massive reason behind their success. Their ability to sustain their ideas from producing animoids, to fully functioning humans exhibited a good model for business growth, something businesses must consider.

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