8 project management trends of 2018
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8 project management trends of 2018

The entire business world is changing, and project management is at the forefront of the developments in many industries. Recent years have seen a difference in the way businesses operate and project management is leading the changes that have already been implemented, with that trend set to continue.

Here are 8 project management trends of 2018. Now, some of them may already be “a thing”, and some may not be, but we have six months to see if these predictions run true!

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1. Business Agile

The Agile methodology originally started as a software development framework, but several industries have started to adopt the framework and utilise it for themselves. The difference with business Agile, is that rather than being adopted by big enterprises and trickling down to SMEs, it has gone the other way.

Smaller companies tend to have a younger workforce who are more flexible in their mindset towards their work, and that, in a nutshell, is exactly what Agile is about – flexibility. The development roots will continue to be a prominent feature as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things become an increasing regularity, more on them later.

2. DevOps Agile

DevOps is a new age phenomenon that unifies software development and operations, strongly advocating automation and monitoring in all steps of software construction and the lifecycle beyond that.

Previously DevOps and Agile have been compared, almost like they are mortal enemies who can’t settle their differences, yet can’t live without each other – like a project management Batman and Joker. But, 2018 has seen the rise of DevOps and Agile working together in tandem – I can’t compare that to Batman and the Joker because they haven’t worked together in any adaptation thus far. People have begun to utilise both to connect and improve the outcomes and continuous improvement beyond that for projects.

3. Millennial Project Manager

The millennial Project Manager has been around for a while. Someone who flits between sites, carries their qualification with pride on their CV like a badge of honour, and gets hands-on with whatever needs to be completed.

According to a PMI report, retirement is the main reason why project management positions are becoming available, which makes even more space for millennials to come in and replace the old guard, bringing in modernised ideas and concepts (like a few of the entries on this list). By 2020, millennials will make up half of the global workforce.

4. Better guidelines on how to successfully complete projects

A staggering statistic: it was revealed that the US government wasted $32 billion on IT projects (source: Software Solutions Symposium 2017, Thomas Friend) and that figure is a trend for many industries. A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey reported that 97% of organisations believe project management is critical to performance and success, yet the resources have not previously been in place for them to consistently succeed, with 50% of businesses surveyed experiencing an IT project failure.

2018 has signalled a change in this mentality as guidelines have been set with 93% of organisations now embedding use of standardised practices into their business.

5. Agile leadership

Agile Leadership is a concept that basically encompasses being a good, inclusive, and motivating leader. It’s about more than carrying the boss or manager moniker, it’s more focused on being a leader and how you can lift the people around you to also feel the benefits personally.

Agile leaders realise it’s more about individuals, interactions and people, over processes and tools. They are willing to react in the moment to change, delivery business value using a working product, offer transparency, learn from failure and give continual feedback. It’s a better way of leadership and one that many can learn from to ensure a greater openness to ideas and innovations.

6. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things

The breakout technologies of 2017 were artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. They became buzzwords, words that held meaning in the industry but meant nothing to consumers. 2018 is a different story. Now everyone knows about artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things and the features and implications of both.

Project management is no different in how it is being affected by these two leaps forward in the world of technology. The automation that artificial intelligence provides, and the implementation of this through the Internet of Things and everything being connected means that new data can connect with project management and the software used.

7. Hybrid methodologies

We have seen the combination of PRINCE2® and Agile into the PRINCE2 Agile® methodology, then PRINCE2® made changes to the syllabus which made their structure more flexible (basically, more Agile without actually saying it’s Agile), but Project Managers are starting to see the benefits of the amalgamation of two methodologies.

Back to the example of Agile; it has gained more momentum over the last few years, so professionals are starting to realise the benefits of implementing it. This will continue as more understanding brings on tighter solutions

8. Remote Teams

Remote teams have been made possible with the rise of technology, the cloud and more powerful networking tools. This has made way for the ability to communicate with anyone in the world at any time, but it also goes together with the millennial ideal of flexible working hours, with more workers seeking flexibility of regulating their own hours and workload.

We will start to see more projects being managed by people in different locations around the world, which has the potential to work due to remote teams being cheaper to run and more productive when managed effectively by the right people or tool.

If you are looking to start a career in project management, or boost your current project management career with a recognised qualification, e-Careers offer multiple Project Management certifications for the modern day professional.

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