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4.8/5 from 14151 Reviews

Apps to help engage your brain while breastfeeding

While pregnant, you probably noticed the notorious ‘mum brain’ take shape. We’ve all believed it was silly to suggest pregnancy makes your brain function differently – before coming to the (somewhat daunting) realisation that it is in fact true. Whether you would put your keys in your bag before searching frantically for them around the house, or you leave your phone on a counter in Sainsburys, not realising until you’re home (guilty!).

This, combined with the hours spent sat down breast-feeding (if you’re one of those magical mums who can do things while breastfeeding, I salute you) feeling like you’re spending a good amount of time you could be utilising, leads to a solution: brain engaging apps to keep you sharp.

Here is a selection of the best brain training apps to combat mum brain and occupy you while feeding your small human:

Luminosity: This app is quick and easy to set up. It asks for 4 details (name, email, password, age) and then for 3 optional details, and voila, you’re in. You will then be taken through 3 games to test your current brain activity levels, and from your results will be told whereabouts you sit in terms of the average for your age group.


While seemingly simple, some of these games are frustratingly difficult to achieve – similar to the feeling of trying to say, ‘Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry’. It should be easy! But it’s not.

mindpal: Easy to set up, this app asks what it is you want to achieve and has a free version with a selection of games to help you sharpen your mind. You can choose which games to play, and it’s ‘Free games of the week’ section gives you different options each week.


Sudoku: There are many sudoku apps out there, but if you prefer not having your phone with you (or just want a screen break) you can pick up a sudoku book from places like WHSmith. Sudoku is a Japanese game that has been modified since it first appeared in 1984. Sudoku is short for a Japanese expression that means ‘the digits are limited to one occurrence’, which sums up the name of the game.

By playing these games for a few minutes while breastfeeding, you will develop your mind into a sharper, more switched-on version of itself. Baby brain who?

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