4.8 out of 5 based on 14080 reviews

4.8/5 from 14080 Reviews

Deciding on the right training solution

You’ve made the positive decision to upskill your staff or address some skills gaps within your business. You need training to be delivered efficiently and effectively. The investment in training needs to produce relevant and actionable results. 

But, what does that training look like? What are the benefits of face-to-face vs virtual learning? Should you invest in a bespoke training programme? What about public or private sessions? 

With so many options available to you, it can feel confusing to decide which would be best for your business. Here, we help you choose the right training solution for your business. 

What to consider before choosing your training programme

  •  What do you want the training to achieve?
  •  How much time can you dedicate to it?
  •  Who needs the training? Is it one or multiple people?
  •  Would you like specific, relevant, workplace situations to be explored?
  •  Where are the participants located?
  •  When’s it needed?
  •  What’s your budget?

At e-Careers, we offer an array of different training solutions. We take your requirements seriously. We pride ourselves on innovative thinking. We’ll work with you to find the ideal delivery method to suit you and your business’ needs. We have virtual classrooms, bespoke programmes, private tuition and, of course, face-to-face learning if required. 

Different training delivery options explained

Bespoke training courses

Bespoke courses are tailored to your business. Content is personalised to your needs. A major benefit is that people can apply what they learn instantly in the workplace. 

Our consultative approach enables us to understand the problems you need to address within your business and determine the best offering for you. We recognise that every business is different, so we customise our learning solutions to meet your needs. We’ll provide your people with the knowledge your business needs to compete. 

Bespoke training courses can have flexible start times. We’ll deliver the training you need when you need it. Our tutors will adapt training programmes to best suit your business and staff. 

Private training programmes

Restricting training sessions solely to people within your company offers real benefits. For example, you can discuss specific business issues or examples in confidence. The trainer can work through real-life situations which can be incredibly beneficial. People often speak more freely without fear of revealing company secrets to outsiders. 

These sessions can help different functions within your company understand each other and work more collaboratively together. It can also lead to greater empathy between colleagues. This type of training is ideal for groups of employees who need to undertake the same training. 

We can tailor the delivery times to work best for your business too. That could mean a series of sessions over a number of weeks or a more intense programme delivered in a shorter timeframe. 

Public training

A group of participants from a mixture of backgrounds and environments can bring a diversity of skills, experiences, and insights to the learning programme. This can lead to interesting discussions and knowledge sharing. 

These courses tend to be less expensive than private training programmes too. If you’re only sending one participant, a public training course would be the most cost-effective option. 

Face-to-face training

We’re all very well-versed in Zoom or Teams calls and meetings these days. They’re efficient and an ideal way to keep people connected when working remotely. However, most of us realise the benefits of real-life face-to-face connections even more now. That kind of human interaction is irreplaceable. 

Building personal connections and sharing experiences is best done in person. You’re able to discuss, collaborate and role play in real-time. You pick up on body language and meaning. That’s helpful for the tutor as well as the student. 

Virtual training

Virtual training is a highly efficient delivery method. Teacher-led sessions in virtual classrooms are becoming our most popular mode of delivery for businesses. 

Why? Virtual learning enables global delivery, so it works well for staff in multiple locations (nationally or internationally). It reduces time away from the business. It also reduces the environmental impact of travel. This makes it a cost-effective training solution. 

We can arrange flexible timings for the delivery of virtual training courses. These timings can align with participants’ schedules which reduces the impact of having people spending time away from the business. 

Virtual learning tends to get results quickly. The speed and efficiency of virtual training programmes hold great appeal for businesses. Knowledge and skills gaps can be addressed in a short space of time. 

At e-Careers, our personal approach makes us stand out. We care. Our experienced, engaging tutors know how to adapt their learning styles and delivery to suit their audience in a virtual training course. 

Client testimonial

"Partnering with e-Careers for our training and organisational development requirements was a great strategic decision. The course content, materials & delivery was exceptional. Director & Trainer Shane Nithsdale was superb, and he facilitated some excellent discussions that brought the subject to life for us all. We found the training course to be extremely relevant to the national portfolio we are establishing, to transform Urgent and Emergency care in Wales. Management of Portfolios (MoP) has enabled us to bring a further sense of order, sequence, and critical path to our framework, and plans. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with e-Careers." 

Nicola Bowen, CTM UHB - National Collaborative Commissioning Unit – NHS Wales.

Your next steps

There are various considerations to think about to determine the best training solution for you and your business. The best way to work it out is to contact our Business Development Director, Gemma Jones, on 020 3198 7587, or send an email to gemma.j@e-careers.comWe have years of experience in business training, so we can help find the optimum solution for you. 

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