4.8 out of 5 based on 14076 reviews

4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

Embracing Data Analysis to identify areas of improvement within your organisation

We live in a data-rich age, and many online businesses are competing for the attention and time of their audiences. 

Over the next few years, the priority of many online businesses will be to use data analysis to personalise content. Your business must understand how to analyse and extract the information gained from digital insights to succeed. 

If you want to be the market leader within data science, you must invest in the right talent to collaborate with customers. 

Like many other businesses, you likely produce a large volume of data every day, but how much of this data do you analyse for data discovery, improvement, and intelligence? Most likely, not much. 

With so much data and not much time at our disposal dedicated to interpreting that data, how can your business collect, curate, organise, and understand all this information effectively? Simple. With the help of a Business or Data Analyst. 

With the increase in international regulations entering the marketplace, data analysis has become an essential tool to help make organisational changes and strategic improvements for growth. 

If your business collects a lot of data online, having a Data Analyst in your team will enable you to interpret this data and make the essential changes required to develop a strategy for change and growth within your business. 

Data can lead to interesting design solutions that are motivated by a deeper understanding of consumer bases. 

What does a Data Analyst do? 

A Data Analyst is responsible for helping an organisation inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data to find useful information, make informed decisions, and support organisational changes to improve your business.    

What are the benefits of having a Data Analyst? 

Having a Data Analyst on your team will enable you to gain a 360° vision of all the details surrounding your customers, helping you to understand their demographics, see which channels they use to communicate with you, discover their interests, habits, purchasing behaviours, and more. 

Data categorisation will allow your Data Analyst to create more relevant personalised products for your business in the future.

Hiring a Data Analyst (or a team of Data Analysts) will enable your organisation to:

  • Better understand your customers demographics - Understanding customer habits is vital to your success.
  • Make decisions backed up by research and evidence – Review and use the data you have before making any large business decision.
  • Test and retest – Remove the ‘what ifs’ from your business culture by using accurate data to drive change and get results.
  • Work as part of a proactive unit – Data Analyst can scope, develop, and manage the tools and analytics within your organisation, so others who are time-poor don’t need to be involved at that stage. They can then make the necessary recommendations to the team and support employees with data tracking and analysis.

Want to upskill someone internally? Here’s what you can do!

If you’re considering upskilling an employee to take on the role of a Data Analyst or you want to upskill yourself, we recommend starting with the BCS Professional Certificate in Data Analysis.

The BCS Professional Certificate in Data Analysis is for anyone who needs to understand and apply data analysis within a business change environment. This training would suit Business Analysts, Systems Analysts and Technical or Solutions Architects.

You or your employees will gain a broad understanding of data analysis, including being able to:

  • Define data requirements, demonstrating a detailed understanding and rigour.
  • Illustrate the benefits and uses of data analysis and the techniques applied when analysing business data.
  • Develop skills and knowledge to support successful business change programmes within your organisation.
  • Attain one of the four modules you need to gain the Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis.

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