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How to Become a Football Agent (A.K.A Intermediary)

Everyone I speak to about becoming a Football Agent (please start calling this Intermediary) has the same concern – they would love to do it but have absolutely no idea where to start. It’s like starting your own business where it seems like a lovely idea to begin with but then actually carrying it out is only for those who are truly committed.

The good news is it’s actually easier than people think, that doesn’t mean to say it’s an easy process overall; it still requires a lot of graft and desire, but it no longer carries the financial burden and strict requirements in days gone by.

Before 2015, you needed £100,000 in indemnity insurance, to pass a stringent exam that Doctors and Lawyers would find tough and pass a DBS check. Then in 2015, FIFA decided to deregulate the industry thanks to many deals going unrecognised. The deregulation meant it was much easier to become an Intermediary (the official term for the role now) and FIFA could keep a track of who was representing players at these negotiations.

This deregulation led to a lot of people registering themselves and misrepresenting players due to a poor understanding of the football industry from a business perspective – there are multiple stories of players not getting contracts because their Intermediary asked for much more than the market value, which ultimately left a bitter taste in the collective mouth of the club they were dealing with.

This is why we created our Football Intermediary Certificate, we saw the opportunity to equip potential Intermediaries with the knowledge to deliver a high quality, professional service to their clients and colleagues.

Now, the Certificate has grown into a fully-fledged Programme where we don’t just provide you with the knowledge, we also provide you with the opportunity to build your network and understanding even further through the Football Intermediary Professional Programme.

The Programme includes:

  • The Football Intermediary Certificate; 16 modules of in-depth knowledge where you will learn about the business side of football and how to carry out the day-to-day responsibilities of an Intermediary and establish yourself in the industry
  • Professional Mentoring; included with the course where our team are available to answer any questions about the course and industry as a whole
  • Job application; the opportunity to fill in a job application at the end of the course which could see you gain an interview with one of our partner agencies
  • Advanced Development; a series of webinars hosted by e-Careers where we will cover more topics, answer your questions, and you can network with other guests (webinars will have up to 8 people on for a more intimate scenario)
  • Exclusive Access Event; your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and really flex your unique selling points. Hosted by e-Careers and DBW Global with support from iPro Sport and Queens Park Rangers, you will get to meet other aspiring Intermediaries who could become potential business partners if you share the same vision for a venture. You will also hear from Xabier who will discuss the industry and give you practical understanding of how to manoeuvre yourself through this industry. Guest speakers also include Les Ferdinand, QPR’s Director of Football and former Premier League Footballer and international keynote speaker Paul McVeigh who will be giving you exclusive insights.

The Event will be held at the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium (formerly Loftus Road) on 14th May 2020 between 9am – 4:30pm.

Once you have done this, we believe you will be fully prepared to register with the FA and start representing players. All you need to do to register is pay £500+VAT, pass a Code of Practice assessment and do your DBS check and you’re away.

You could register without doing the Programme, however we don’t recommend this at all. You wouldn’t do your driving test without first taking your theory and lessons, would you?