International Women's Day - Q&A Session
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International Women's Day - Q&A Session

Celebrating International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day, we wanted to share some thoughts from a few of the women we’re proud to call family here in the e-Careers Team.

We are proud of the diverse team we have created over the last decade and without the different personalities, attributes, ideas, hard work and dedication, this business would not be the same.

We have an excellent Senior Leadership Team with drive, focus, and the desire to succeed.

When hiring new employees (and as a growing business this happens frequently), we select the highest calibre of individual, irrespective of gender or race. We look for individuals who fit both the culture of the business and who have the skills to carry out the job role successfully.

Below, we have interviewed three women from our organisation, who work within different areas of the business. They set about answering some of the important questions regarding equality and the industry we work in.

Q&A Session

Denise Maynard, Head of Sales

Denise, you’ve been with e-Careers for a long time now. Can you tell us what it’s like being a woman in the Education & Technology industry?

I’ve been with e-Careers for over eight years now, and during that time, I have worked hard and been promoted to Head of Sales. Over those eight years, I’ve noticed the industry changing and opportunities for women within the EdTech industry have expanded. More than this, the desire for women to work in these typically male-heavy sectors, such as IT and Cyber Security has increased. It's great to see more women studying for and being accepted into jobs across the technology sector.”

Khatera Bosty, Head of Recruitment

Khatera, as one of the newest recruits at e-Careers, what do you enjoy most about working in the EdTech and Training & Development industry?

“I can honestly say, I love that this industry! It’s always evolving, and no two days are the same. I am in a privileged position, where I can help individuals work towards achieving their career goals through training and find employment, through our Job Academy Programmes. It’s refreshing to see so many women interested in careers in Business Analysis, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and IT.”

Soniya Rai, Success Coach Manager

Soniya, as a member of a team of Course and Career Consultants, you have a vital role in ensuring students have a great experience and are working at the level required for success. Can you tell us how e-Careers is ensuring gender equality in the workplace?

“First, I love being able to help my students work through their programmes and pass their exams. It is a very rewarding career. Regarding gender equality in the workplace, we have equal earning potential, and one thing I noticed very early on was how diverse our team was. e-Careers are very fair in their hiring process, and many women work here, across each major part of our business. This including Customer Service Advisors, Course Consultants, Sales & Marketing Professionals, and our Senior Leadership Team."

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