4.8 out of 5 based on 14150 reviews

4.8/5 from 14150 Reviews

9 skills you have that mean you’ll be successful in IT

Ever considered a role in IT? If you have these skills, you're already well on your way:

1. Passion

Whether it be for technology or helping others in an area where they have a lack of knowledge, IT professionals must be passionate about what they do. If you always find yourself on tech industry news websites and you eat, sleep and breathe technology then a career in this industry is for you.

2. Computer Literacy

Well, yes. Computer literacy gives you the ability to communicate with the computer, almost like a second language. If you know your TCP/IP from your HDMI, and are keen to learn new skills as they develop, then nothing can stop you getting into IT.

3. Communication

IT projects will demand communication in both a written and spoken format. This could be towards other professionals or stakeholders who don’t know the ins and outs of the technology behind the project. Effective communication throughout the IT department is paramount for success.

4. Problem Solving

If you’re working in IT support, there will be many possibilities why something may not be working. It would be your duty to decipher what the problem is and fix it while reducing downtime. This leads to personal satisfaction for fixing the issue and company satisfaction that you found a solution.

5. Logical Thinking

Companies are looking for people who can analyse a system in-depth: visualise, articulate, conceptualise or solve a problem by making sensible decisions based on available information.

6. Teamwork

IT professionals need to work together in their department to resolve issues. It's also vital in IT projects where a team will need to work together to deliver the project before a given deadline. Teamwork stretches to other departments. It becomes necessary to work together for operations to become succinct and successful.

7. Strong Values

Respect, responsibility, accountability, integrity. These are all words that can apply to any job role, but for IT especially. Your hands manage and protect private, personal and company information. You’re in a position of trust for a reason.

8. Time Management

Managing your time is something you learn as your professional career meanders along. Time management is like project management. You will use the resources at your disposal to prioritise your goals and set specific deadlines to get your workload complete.

9. Attention to Detail

In IT, the tiniest detail can cause a system to fail, which is why paying attention to those details is crucial. Whether that be installing the most up-to-date security software or assessing your infrastructure for other risks, it is vital that you pay attention to every area.

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