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4.7/5 from 13863 Reviews

Lord Taylor joins the drive to upskill the Nation
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Lord Taylor joins the drive to upskill the Nation

The Right Honourable Lord Taylor has been appointed as Patron of e-Careers, and this relationship has come at a time when the nation is desperately looking for people to upskill and retrain, to limit the impact of the pandemic on unemployment.

The online learning industry has risen to the challenge of sustaining our education system in recent months and the future seems to be pointing towards more reliance on this form of delivery. 

Lord Taylor brings his passion and experience in providing confidence to individuals to invest in knowledge and make themselves more employable, helping fill skills gaps across all industries. He will also be advising organisations to relook at their diversity and inclusion strategies and to provide opportunities to newly qualified candidates.

Lord Taylor stated, “I believe that there are many talented individuals out there, who have the potential to drive our country through these unprecedented times. The concern I have is that these individuals have been locked into a position where they feel that they have no choice but to do “jobs” rather than “build careers”, especially in sectors where we are facing shortages of skills. 

I also believe that employers have a responsibility to give these individuals a genuine chance to get on the career ladder. 

e-Careers has a proven record of making professional training engaging, effective, accessible, and affordable. Having spoken to the team at length I see this relationship with e-Careers as a perfect fit and look forward to using my credentials and achievements to really help make a difference”.

Jazz Gandhum, Founder of e-Careers stated, “The past few months have been both challenging as well as exciting for us. We have been driving the benefits of online learning for many years and I feel a sense of responsibility to step up to the challenge and help people upskill, retrain and qualify through eLearning and Virtual Classrooms in the most effective way possible.

We are involved in all facets of professional training, whether it be self-funded individuals, levy-funded apprentices or businesses wishing to upskill their workforce. We will resource all the experience and knowledge of Lord Taylor to help us get our offerings in front of the appropriate people, so we can help drive change”.

If you or your organisation would like to find out more about the training options e-Careers provides, visit our website, or contact our course advisors on +44 (0) 20 3198 7700 today.

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