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4.8/5 from 14080 Reviews

Overview of project management methodologies

There are quite a lot of project management methodologies; a ridiculous amount, actually.scrum-project-management-rugby-posts

A methodology is a system of processes used in area of activity and as you are probably aware, not all methods are going to be the same.

Picking a methodology is like picking your favourite member of a band; you pick the one that is the most relatable and go with it. All of these methodologies have a different history and origin, but ultimately have the same goal in mind, which is still oddly like the band member metaphor.

From PRINCE2® to Scrum (and, before you ask, yes that is named after the restarting of play after a minor infringement in rugby), project management methodologies offer different ways to support and guide the project manager and project team to completing the overall task at hand.

Some project management methodologies have even started to combine to create a hybrid, for example, AXELOS (a project management governing body) have created PRINCE2 Agile® which combines PRINCE2® and its ability to tailor to any project environment with the flexibility of Agile to try and create some kind of super methodology to conquer all methodologies.  

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project-management-mufasaNow, I know that this industry can seem more daunting than the herd of stampeding wildebeest that faced Simba in the Lion King (R.I.P Mufasa; forever missed) but it’s ok, don’t be scared, we’re here to help you. Learn the highlights of each, make an informed choice as to which will best suit your career or the methodology that your organisation utilises. Voila, you have a guiding framework that can help you through any projects thrown your way by senior management.

Finally, project management is about getting things done. Whether the manufacturing origins of Lean Six Sigma or the software development origins of Agile, all projects will have a set timescale in which they need to be completed, and the methodology is the most effective and efficient way to meet the budget and quality requirements which have been predetermined.

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