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4.7/5 from 13863 Reviews

Project management: how to get organised
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Project management: how to get organised

It’s no secret that for a business to thrive organisation is key.

Aside from delivering direction, vision and control, organisation aids staff performance, operations and efficiency. It drives plans and provides a fall back for when things turn an unexpected corner.

But organisation doesn’t just land on your doorstep and even if it is a quality you possess as an individual, it doesn’t mean it will filter through to every aspect of your business.

One of the best ways of implementing organisation and securing business success is through project management.

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Here’s five ways in which project management will help you get organised in 2018:

Planning and Objectives

When implementing a new business development strategy, for example, how much time do you dedicate to planning and setting clear objectives? Love them or hate them, project management will show you the real benefits of SMART objectives, Gant charts and other planning devices - ensuring you set clear KPIs, responsibilities and timescales.

Budget and Control

Do you know how much you spent on your latest advertising campaign and what your ROI was? Or do you how much it cost for you to launch a new product and at which point your new venture became profitable? With project management, you can ensure your latest business venture stays within budget and that any changes or developments are controlled and in line with both your spend and your objectives.

Time Management

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘work smarter not harder’, but how many of us put it into action? Project management will allow you to allocate certain roles and responsibilities to specific staff members, together with what you expect them to achieve within a certain time frame – implementing organisation from the top down… and back up again.


Project Management tools, such as ‘Resource Reports’ and ‘Budget Analysis’ will allow you to organise the finances for all areas of your business - helping you understand exactly what you have spent on each project, with a clear review and analysis. As a result, you will know what has or hasn’t worked and what is or isn’t profitable, and will be able to make better informed decisions moving forwards.

Project Management on the Go

One of the best ways in which project management can aid organisation is through mobile applications – enabling you to stay organised and in control, whether out of the office in meetings or working from home.

Interested in finding out more? e-Careers delivers courses in everything from analytics to Six Sigma to help you keep track of your projects and your business. Visit our project management pages or contact a member of our sales team today on 0203 198 7700 for more information.

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