4.8 out of 5 based on 14008 reviews

4.8/5 from 14008 Reviews

The benefits of eLearning for careers

Have you ever thought about how ‘employable’ you are? It’s an odd question, but it’s an important one.

When under interview most candidates will weigh up their chances based on level of experience – what degree they have, what A-levels they achieved at school or how many years’ experience they have within a similar job role. All extremely important factors – but the candidates likely to stand out from the rest will be those who have achieved all the above, whilst investing additional time into training and development to further their careers.

Thanks to the advances in modern technology, training and development courses have never been so accessible – so why is that such a high percentage of professionals still fail to embrace the value of eLearning?

New opportunities

Investing in training and development brings real opportunity. The opportunity to carve an entirely new career path, or land the dream job you have been working so hard towards.

Whether wanting to create your own business, turn a passion into a profession or increase your skillset – just dedicating a few hours per week to eLearning on your smart phone, tablet or laptop could go a long way in helping you achieve just that.

Win that promotion

Sometimes the difference between the job role you have and job role you want can be experience and/or skillset. Whether that’s in project management, information technology, accounting or a particular software, the best and in most the quickest way to obtain this is through additional training. In many cases eLearning courses will be accredited by professional bodies, which not only gives you additional clout but is great for the CV.

Changing landscape

The explosion of digital platforms has transformed our day-to-day lives both in and out of the workplace. For many job roles, digital has induced continuous change challenging existing employees and providing additional requirements for new ones. With change comes the requirement to learn something new in order to really embrace it and understand. Here eLearning comes into its own, offering professionals a vast range of accessible and affordable online learning opportunities to call on at their time of need.


What you do today can improve all your tomorrows – Ralph Marston

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