4.8 out of 5 based on 14007 reviews

4.8/5 from 14007 Reviews

Top ten reasons to try eLearning

Let’s face it, we all respond to different learning styles and techniques – where some prefer the face-to-face interaction of classroom, others prefer to digest information in their own time and at their own pace.

Thanks to continuous developments in technology and the significant growth of the edtech sector, the latter is becoming increasingly popular. eLearning providers, like e-Careers, currently educate thousands of students each and every month looking to improve their knowledge and skillset to carve a new and exciting career!

Still unsure? Here’s 10 top reasons why you should try eLearning today:

Learn anytime, anywhere

This is the real beauty of eLearning – whether you are trying to carve a new career, but cannot take any time out of your existing job to learn, or need something to help pass the time on that long commute to the office – eLearning courses can be accessed from any mobile device, smart phone or computer enabling you to up-skill wherever and whenever you like.

Save money

eLearning courses are extremely cost-effective compared to classroom-based training courses and also accessible for long time periods. This enables you to save some well-earned pennies, perfect for celebrating or treating yourself once you qualify!

Get real qualifications and skills

Many people think that the quality of eLearning is compromised compared to classroom-based learning, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many eLearning courses that have been created and accredited by leading industry bodies – from Microsoft and Cisco to PRINCE2 – which means the qualification is just as valuable as classroom-based training.

Access to a community of professionals

With some industry body eLearning courses comes access to a whole host of like-minded industry professionals, enabling you to network and establish new and exciting relationships.

Avoid the horrors of school days

For aspiring young professionals that have come to a crossroads in their education and career paths, eLearning offers an alternative solution to those long school or college days – which means they can get the qualifications they need to start working life from their very own bedrooms!

Get the most up-to-date content

Things are generally released online first, right? Well that is the same for edtech and eLearning. eLearning courses are created using the most up-to-date content, information and functionality and are regularly updated to ensure they stay relevant and ahead of the times. In a fast paced digital environment, this can be vital for enabling you to stand out from the crowd!

It’s fun!

Ever wanted to just dip your toe in a different industry sector, learn a new language or something creative like photography or baking? With eLearning, the world is your oyster… be it for fun or professional development!

It’s evidence of your ability to move with the times

We now live in a very digital world, where there are more smartphone subscriptions than people and where the average person only looks at a website for approximately 30 seconds before clicking on to the next one. Undertaking eLearning is your way of demonstrating that you can move with the times, that you are open to education delivered through technology and are capable of engaging with a range of technological devices.

You can have an online tutor too

Many people think that with eLearning everything is completely self-taught, but that simply isn’t the case! With many eLearning courses you have access to your own online tutor, ready and waiting to answer your questions and offer education support as and when you need it.

Fill the growing digital skills gap

With a growth in digital platforms has come a growth in skills requirements, with more and more individuals required to either re-learn or take on new elements within their existing job role through the use of digital platforms or technology. eLearning helps both employees and employers fill this growing gap by offering accessible, affordable and accredited courses that can be undertaken right from the comfort of their very own office!


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