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4.8/5 from 14080 Reviews

Top tips for keeping employees happy and healthy 9-5

Google, Ikea and Whole Foods Market all have something very much in common, apart from their obvious success. They are all listed under the Fortune 100 Best Companies to work for in 2017.

For all three examples, employee well-being and happiness will be high on the agenda – where perks like equal pay, free food and beverages, and clear career development programmes have resulted in impressive staff satisfaction.

Want to ensure your employees are happy and healthy 9-5? Check out these top tips:

Regular breaks

A vast number of professionals eat lunch at their desk, which means they are not getting that all-important break from the office during the day. Although this may highlight dedication to their work in the short term, it could actually harm their health and well-being for the long term.

A lunch break or regular short breaks have been proven to reduce workplace stress, and increase concentration. In addition, by taking regular breaks staff members also reduce the risk of physical problems that can develop as a result of sitting for long periods, such as chronic back pain.

Standing desks

From lowering risk of heart disease and obesity to improving mood and energy levels, standing desks have become increasingly popular in recent years – particularly as a multitude of studies have confirmed that sitting for long periods of time is extremely bad for our health.

By implementing adjustable standing desks, employees are able to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day, which will not only improve employee health, but has been shown to aid productivity.

Ditch the boardroom

We’ve all been there – the lengthy conferences or boardroom meetings that were originally planned for an hour has rolled into four – with staff members drifting in and out of concentration, battling with stale air and warm water.

Ever thought about taking staff members outside for a ‘walking meeting’ instead of circulating the boardroom table for hours on end? Aside from the obvious health related benefits such as increased exercise and fresh air – a ‘walking meeting’ could improve concentration, get the creative juices going and provide the opportunity to really air different ideas to aid business development. Pardon the pun.

Appreciate work-life balance

Getting a work-life balance can be tough. Particularly if you’re looking to climb the career ladder and prove to your boss that your worth investing in.

For a business owner, it’s difficult to implement ways that will force a good work life balance, but you can help your team create one. Things like flexible working hours, switching off emails and mobile devices when leaving the office and during annual leave, and implementing work bonus and reward schemes, where top prizes could include a weekend break away, are just a few ways in which a work-life balance can be created.

Career development

If employees believe there is little opportunity for them in the company, they will quickly become demotivated, get bored and even start looking for a new job. On the flip side, research has proven that employees who are satisfied in their job will generally be more productive – a fact supported by the Harvard Business Review, which revealed those who are happy in their employment will be up to 31% more productive.

Creating a career development programme, and highlighting this clearly to your team will prove there is opportunity in your business, whilst aiding positive communication between you and your staff members.

Health and safety policies

Ultimately one of the most important ways of keeping your employees both happy and healthy 9-5 is through a well-structured and clearly communicated health and safety policy. For those bound to the office, this is still important - not to mention a legal requirement if you employ 5 staff plus – and should include an assessment of all workplace related risks, such as allergies and health issues associated with incorrect seating arrangements, for example.

From courses in manual handling to health and safety awareness, e-Careers boasts a number of engaging health and safety courses for the benefit of business owners and their employees. For more details, please visit our workplace safety pages or contact one of our Training Experts today on 0203 198 7700. 

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