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4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

Top tips for pursuing a career in IT and networking

The digital and tech sectors are now evolving at such an exponential rate that we cannot keep pace. During 2017 alone, the World woke up to the likes of Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home, whilst becoming increasingly at risk to cyber security threats.

The good news for those looking to carve a career in I.T. and Networking is that right now is a better time than ever – with reports revealing 66% of IT pros advising they would work within the sector for their entire careers.

Where to start?

The great thing about the IT Sector is that there is a wealth of career opportunities available – whether you’re looking to work behind the scenes in IT Support or head up your own department.

Unsure where to start? Think about your skillset or natural interests: for example, are you quite creative? If so, web or software development may be the career for you, providing the opportunity to combine skillset in IT with digital design.

To echo Bill Gates: “Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering”.

Move away from specifics

IT is one of the most in-demand sectors to work in. Just ask Forbes, they have positioned it on their ‘Hottest Jobs’ list.

However, with this demand comes the requirement to continuously adapt and change. Today, firms are looking for specialists in IT security or cloud-based technologies, but roll forwards another 10 years and this demand is likely to look somewhat different, particularly as we continue to embrace and rely on Artificial Intelligence.

The evolving digital landscape and tech scene has made IT one of the most changeable industries; to succeed, aspiring professionals should look to pursue a career path with transferable skills as opposed to a specific job role. For example, the capability to code can take you down several career routes, from enabling firms to connect with businesses online to creating sector specific software.

Keep pace with industry developments

From the realms of ethical hacking and increasing cyber security threats, to the development of unique IT Networks and bespoke cloud systems, the IT world is changing, and businesses are too. The term ‘PC literate’ now means something completely different in an interview as we face a growing digital skills gap.

For IT professionals, keeping pace with these industry developments is vital for success – which is where IT organisational bodies like Cisco, CompTIA and Code Institute come into play. From specific training courses to certified qualifications – all industry bodies work hard to keep qualifications current and up to date, whist offering guidance on the latest industry developments.

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