4.8 out of 5 based on 14076 reviews

4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

Why work in Tech?

Finding out about a career in IT is tricky – it’s such a huge industry after all. It can be easy to convince yourself this path is out of reach, with Silicon Valley gurus making it seem like an invite-only boys club hosted in outer space.  

It’s our mission at e-Careers to show you how easy it can be to step into tech, and to guide you on your way to success (one-way ticket to SV not included…) through our bespoke training and our close relationships with some of the most influential companies in the tech industry.  

We have created this mini-FAQ to help you navigate and understand just how varied a career in tech can become – and our IT Technician programme can be your first move to achieving any outcome.  

Ready for a career in tech? We have developed our IT Technician Career Academy Programme to get you started! 

Are tech jobs in demand? 

Tech employees are the most sought after in the UK, with companies constantly searching for the latest tech talent.  

Unlike many jobs where the employer has a choice of candidates, it’s usually the case in tech that talented individuals will have their pick of an employer. 76% of IT decision makers face critical gaps within their departments, and 38% believe their existing skills development programmes are being outpaced by the rate of technology change1. 

How much do tech jobs pay and what roles pay the most? 

With tech covering such a broad territory (and rapidly growing), there’s unlimited opportunity for progression in both role and salary. Tech roles are arguably the most lucrative in the world, with employees being versed in skills that are unique to only a small number of people.  

Below is a list of salaries in different areas of tech, for both entry-level roles and top-level roles. All data is taken from an average of London salaries2 

Cyber Security:  
Information Security Analyst: £58,000 
Security Architect: £110,000 

Data and Advanced Analytics: 
Performance Analyst: £47,000 
Data Architect: £100,000 

Software Development:  
Junior Front-End Developer: £48,000  
Technical Director: £105,000 

Cloud and Infrastructure: 
Helpdesk Analyst: £28,000 
AWS/Azure Architect: £110,000 

Projects and Change:  
Project Coordinator/Support: £30,000 
Transformation Director: £140,000 

While the above is not an exhaustive list of job roles, it gives a clear indication that technology is a varied and rewarding industry to break into. All the above career paths can begin with our [LINK] IT Technician Career Academy Programme [LINK], allowing you to take the first step on a journey to your perfect career.  

What tech jobs don’t require a degree 

Contrary to popular opinion, most tech roles these days don’t require a degree. You can start a job with the right certifications, come in at entry level, and work your way to a highly paid, very rewarding C-level tech role.  

By choosing a nurturing and supportive environment to obtain your certifications through, you will gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to continue your career with a view of consistent development and learning, which will be vital to ensuring you’re up to date with the latest technology processes.  

Most job ads will state ‘bachelors qualified or higher’. Demonstrating your commitment to the industry with accreditations and qualifications gained in your own time is the best way to overcome this perceived roadblock.  

Our IT Technician Career Academy Programme will take you from novice, to dvanced level of understanding in just 6 months.  

Why you should consider a career in tech 

The range of roles that fall under the umbrella of tech is enormous.  

Mobility and variety within tech are unparalleled to any other industry, providing you with new opportunities and experiences each day.  

The ever-expanding nature of technology - latest software, hardware, and start-up companies – means you will never be without a job. There will always be new adventures through learning and new paths for you to venture down.  

So, what are you waiting for? Want to begin your tech career? Go get I.T.   


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