Strengthen your offering immediately and expand your network.
e-Careers are the market leaders when it comes to development and delivery of online education. As an organisation, we pride ourselves on our forward-thinking partnerships.
Are you a business, entrepreneur or educational establishment? If yes, and you believe you have a customer base which will benefit from our course library then let’s kickstart this programme.
Our process of becoming a reseller is quick and simple, we want to understand your needs and see how we can work together. Our expanding portfolio with hundreds of courses will leverage your current offering.
You can widen your audience reach, customer offering & strengthen your revenue in a few easy steps under a fully white-labelled reseller system.
We believe our reseller programme is one of the core strengths of our business, we are proud to see our courses distributed in a wide range of industries, globally.
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What are the benefits of becoming a reseller?
Huge range of courses
New revenue streams
No setup fee
Course Cost
Low course costs
Healthy ROI
Flexibility on course offering
Student Support
Student support
Tutor Support
Tutor support
Students registered with awarding bodies
Who can become a reseller?
Are you an established company?
Do you have a website or an online presence?
Do you have customers who would benefit from online education?
Do you have a marketing budget to promote the courses?
Do you tick all the boxes above? If yes, great, you are eligible for our reseller programme.
Okay, I want to become a reseller.
Follow our three step process to becoming an approved reseller.
Complete our application form
Our reseller team will assess and approve your application
Access our reseller management system and start trading under our white-labelled platform