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What is the Microsoft Office Access 2016 course?

Microsoft Access is Microsoft’s popular database creation and management program. Databases are widely used to collate and manage customer information and survey results - in fact, they’re used in any situation where you need to store and analyse large amounts of data, in a reliable and efficient way. This official Microsoft Access 2016 course will test students to recognised standards in a range of key Microsoft Access skills.

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MS Access 2016 Package – Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced

Learn how to get the most out of Microsoft's database management system.

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Who is it for

Is the Microsoft Office Access 2016 right for me?

This Microsoft Office Access 2016 course is right for you if you want to quickly get to grips with Microsoft Access 2016, whether that’s for a potential job, promotion, running your own business or for personal use.


How will the Microsoft Office Access 2016 course advance my career?

This course will help any Office Administrator or IT Administrator who utilises the Microsoft Access software to manage relational databases that are at the heart of business operations.

Why study with us

Why study the Microsoft Office Access 2016 online course with e-Careers?

  • This great value three course package will take you from beginner to advanced level
  • If databases play a part in your current or potential job role, this course package contains all you need to achieve full proficiency
  • Take an official Microsoft exam, and match your skills to recognised standards

Course Details

What are the Microsoft Office Access 2016 online course modules?

  • Microsoft Access 2016: Introduction
  • Microsoft Access 2016: Intermediate
  • Microsoft Access 2016: Advanced

What does the Microsoft Office Access 2016 course cover?

  • The basics of working in the Access program
  • Key database terminology
  • Various ways of creating tables and practise setting the properties of their fields
  • Further analyse the data in a table through select queries, including the creation of calculated fields
  • Understand how to set relations between tables and ensure their referential integrity
  • Create simple forms and reports
  • Create calculated fields in queries that operate with functions
  • Practise creating totals queries and parameter queries
  • Properties of table joins and examine how they can affect the result of queries
  • Create forms in the Design view and insert calculated fields into them
  • Design and edit reports, and learn to perform various calculations in them
  • Learn how to insert controls into forms and reports, including subforms and subreports.
  • Action queries
  • Different types of queries in the SQL view and get acquainted with the essential clauses of this language
  • Create and use macros to automate your work with databases
  • Importing and exporting of objects and their data
  • Printing options of different objects in detail
  • The normalisation of data
  • The options of navigation in a database.
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