BCS Blockchain Essentials Certificate - Virtual Classroom

This Blockchain training course will help you better understand the fundamentals of blockchain, the challenges you may face, and the potential applications available with blockchain.

Your certification training covers the basic concepts of blockchain, the potential fields of application, the potential value for the organisation and the technology driving blockchain.

Blockchain is a list of records made up of encrypted information. One of the most well-known examples of blockchain in action is Bitcoin transactions.

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Join a community of over 590,000+ learners
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Join a community of over 590,000+ learners
Course Details

What is the BCS EXIN Essentials Certificate in Blockchain course?

The BCS EXIN Essentials Certificate in Blockchain training will validate your knowledge of Blockchain as a ledger and the potential it has to be a global, decentralised record for the registration, inventory, and transfer of assets (including finance, property, and products).

Throughout this Blockchain training course you will learn the basic concepts of Blockchain, fields of application and potential value for both the technology driving it and organisations embracing it.

BCS EXIN Essentials Certificate in Blockchain will validate your knowledge of:

  •    Blockchain Basics
  •    Blockchain Challenges
  •    Applications of a Blockchain
  •    Blockchain Innovations

Who is this course suitable for?  

If you are a professional involved in business operations in any domain, and you’re interested in Blockchain as a cryptographic and smart contract solution, this training course would be ideal for you.

Alternatively, if you are interested in finding out more about Blockchain to support your own investment opportunities, you could use this training to gain the necessary knowledge to make decisions about Blockchain opportunities.

Career Opportunities

Blockchain training will support the advancement of your career progression, in a range of jobs, especially within the Cryptocurrency world. There are many jobs where you can use the knowledge gained from this course to support your current career, or work towards a new career in this section.

Jobs that would benefit from this training:

  •    Blockchain Analyst
  •    Blockchain Engineer
  •    Blockchain Developer
  •    Blockchain Project Manager
  •    QA Engineer 

Why choose e-Careers to study this course

With over 10 years’ experience in the training and education sector, we have enhanced and fine-tuned our overall training offering; from selecting the best trainers, having the most relevant course materials and best customer support. We have trained over 575,000 delegates from around the world and have achieved a 5-star rating, from over 8,500 students on Trustpilot.

You’ll also benefit from:

  •    Highly quality training
  •    Expert Tutor Support
  •    Interest-Free Payment Plans

Learning Outcomes

Candidate will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of Blockchain in the following areas:

  • Blockchain Basics
  • Blockchain Challenges
  • Applications of a Blockchain
  • Blockchain Innovations


Blockchain Basics (30%)

  •    Blockchain Technology
  •    Additional Blockchain Elements

Blockchain Challenges (20%)

  •    Challenges for a Blockchain
  •    Blockchain Risk Mitigation

Applications of a Blockchain (35%)

  •    Blockchain Use Case
  •    Blockchain Technology Supporting Businesses
  •    Blockchain Technology Supporting People
  •    Expanding Blockchain Applications
  •    Blockchain and the World Economy

Blockchain Innovations (15%)

  •    Innovations in Blockchain Technology

Exam Details

Type - Multiple choice

Number of questions – 20

Duration - 30 Minutes

Supervised - Yes

Open Book - No

Pass Mark – 13/20 (65%)

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