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4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

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BCS EXIN Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Master - Virtual Classroom

Course Overview

The BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Master follows on the back of the BCS Foundation Certificate, teaching you everything you need to adopt and facilitate Agile or Scrum in your organisation.

This unique learning pathway has been developed to support a holistic approach to embed agile practices across your organisation. It provides you with the knowledge, tools, and capability to better manage change and deliver products and services.

Upon completion of this training course, delegates should be able to demonstrate:

  •    The Agile way of thinking
  •    The Scrum Master role
  •    Agile estimating, planning, monitoring and control
  •    Managing complex projects
  •    Adopting Agile

Our BCS Agile Scrum Master training course provides you with both the skills and knowledge of the Agile framework and Scrum methodology. Agile Scrum focuses on working together to be able to successfully reach goals. Due to the nature of software development, Agile methodologies are typically found within this sector, as corrections and amendments can be made throughout the whole project, where required. Many other areas have started adopting Agile methodologies.

Scrum practices include establishing cross-functional and self-managed teams, producing a working deliverable at the end of each iteration or Sprint. This certification focuses on adopting Agile or Scrum in the workplace and taking on the role of Scrum Master. The BCS EXIN Practitioner certificate in Agile Scrum Master certification is part of the Agile Scrum qualification program.

This course benefits from 1-year BCS membership and our Exam Pass Guarantee*.

Key features

  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Exam: Included
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Join a community of over 625,000
  • Interest-free Payments
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Exam Pass Guarantee*
  • 1-year BCS membership included
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Exam: Included
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Join a community of over 625,000
  • Interest-free Payments
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Exam Pass Guarantee*
  • 1-year BCS membership included

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Course Details

Why study the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Master with e-Careers? 

We have developed an expert team over the last 10 years since our inception. In that time, we have trained over 625,000 delegates globally, which has helped offer the highest quality training.

By refining our processes, partner relationships, and course materials, we can offer high-quality training solutions for our delegates. 

You will also benefit from:

  •    Exam Pass Guarantee*.
  •    1-year BCS membership included (worth £92).
  •    Fast-track your learning with our Virtual Classroom course.
  •    Enhance your career prospects.
  •    Learn from expert trainers, with vast experience in this field.
  •    We offer interest-free payment options.

We're proud of our excellent rating on Trustpilot, with over 14,000 reviews from our past students.

BCS Membership Benefits

This course benefits from 1 years BCS membership worth £92, which is eligible from the moment you pass your first exam.

Benefits of this associate’s membership include:

  •    Professional recognition
  •    Career development
  •    Networking 
  •    Knowledge and best practice 
  •    Exclusive discounts and offer

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How does the Exam Pass Guarantee work?

We have found our Virtual Classroom training has provided higher pass rates, which has made us confident to offer an Exam Pass Guarantee, so you know we’ll support you until you are certified.

With our Exam Pass Guarantee, if you do not pass the exam after attending this training course with us, you will be eligible to attend the same training again for free.

All we ask is that you:

  •    Attend all class days and complete all assignments
  •    Take the exam within 30 days of completing your Virtual Classroom training
  •    Request your course re-enrolment within 30 days of the failed exam attempt

Please Note:

Students retaking the course are required to use any materials or books distributed to them in their original course session. Failure to provide these materials will result in the student being charged for replacement materials.

*Exam Pass Guarantee does not include the resit exam; this would need to be purchased at an additional cost.

Is the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Master course suitable for me?

This course would be ideal for individuals who are currently looking to become an Agile Scrum Master or looking to move into this sector as part of a career change.

This course would also suit individuals who are part of a Development Team or currently working as a Product/ Programme Manager.

As this training focusses on Agile and Scrum methodologies, it would also suit an unqualified Agile Scrum Master or Product Owner, looking to gain an industry recognised certification.

What jobs can I apply for after my Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Master training?

We typically find that our delegates on this course work within, or move into, the following job roles:

  •    Agile Scrum Master – £44K
  •    Agile Product Owner – £44k
  •    Programme Manager – 64k

(Source: Payscale)

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Master Syllabus 

Learning Objectives

Delegates should be able to demonstrate the ability to understand and explain Agile concepts in the following areas:

  •    The Agile way of thinking
  •    Scrum Master role
  •    Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control
  •    Complex projects
  •    Adopting Agile

Agile Way of Thinking – 10%

  •    Agile concepts
  •    Explain the Agile way of thinking
  •    Explain how Agility brings predictability and flexibility
  •    Continuously improving the process
  •    Explain how to use continuous improvement
  •    Other Agile frameworks
  •    Differentiate other Agile frameworks and methodologies: Crystal, Extreme Programming (XP), DSDM, LeSS, SAFe and Kanban

Scrum Master role – 27.5%

  •    Responsibilities and commitment
  •    Explain which tasks and responsibilities belong to the Scrum Master role
  •    Explain which solutions are suitable for solving problems
  •    Explain which tools to use to facilitate the team
  •    Coaching the team and mediating
  •    Explain how to manage cultural diversity conflict
  •    Explain how to coach and challenge the team
  •    Explain the importance of training
  •    Other roles (Product Owner, Development Team)
  •    Explain all roles within the Scrum framework

Agile Estimating, Planning, Monitoring and Control – 32.5%

  •    Writing and maintaining the Product and Sprint Backlog
  •    Explain why a good Definition of Done is so important
  •    Create and recognise good User Stories
  •    Explain how to maintain the Product Backlog and how to add Product Backlog items
  •    Agile Planning
  •    Explain iterative planning in all the planning moments: Roadmap, Release and Sprint Planning
  •    Explain the role of the Scrum Master in all the planning moments: Roadmap, Release and Sprint Planning
  •    Agile Estimation
  •    Explain when and how to estimate using Story Points, Ideal Hours and Ideal Days
  •    Explain how to guide a planning session, with and without Planning Poker
  •    Recognise errors in estimation
  •    Explain how to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment)
  •    Tracking and communicating progress
  •    Identify impediments, deviations, roadblocks, and other obstacles that influence the progress positively and negatively
  •    Explain how to create Information Radiators, how to interpret them and how to act on the results
  •    Explain commonly used tracking methods (Burn-Down Chart, Velocity…)
  •    Staying in control
  •    Explain how to manage issues, bugs and informing people outside of the team

Complex projects – 12.5%

  •    Scaling Agile projects
  •    Explain how to use the Product Backlog in a scaled environment
  •    Explain how to scale to larger teams using Scrum-of-Scrums
  •    Suitability of Agile for different types of projects
  •    Explain in which cases it is not possible to use Agile
  •    Identify the limits of a Scrum Team
  •    Agile administration in tooling and tool integration
  •    Explain which tools can help a team to use or adopt Agile and thereby increase the quality of the development process

Adopting Agile – 17.5%

  •    Introducing Agile
  •    Explain which project management activities are important to include in the transition plan
  •    Explain which milestones are important in the transition
  •    Explain how to deal with resistance to change
  •    Self-organisation
  •    Explain what self-organisation means and how project management is shared
  •    Explain what it means to have a cross-functional team
  •    Agile requirements and proper environment
  •    Explain what changes in culture need to be made before adopting Agile
  •    Explain what physical changes need to be made before adopting Agile

BCS Practitioner Certificate in Agile Scrum Master Exam Details

Exam Type - Multiple-choice.

Number of questions - 40.

Duration - 90-mins.

Supervised - Yes.

Open Book - No.

Pass Mark – 26/40 (65%).

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