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What is the e-Safety course?

The internet is major part of everyday modern life, however there are dangers in this world wide web. The issue of online safety is prevalent in the news across the world, as a parent or childminder how do you ensure the online safety of your child?

This course introduces learners to the common risks and dangers, and equips them with a toolkit of strategies to keep younger internet users safe.

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E-Safety - Online Course

Learn the common risks and dangers of children using the internet and put in place strategies to keep children in your care safe.

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Who is it for

Is the e-Safety online course right for me?

This short course is ideal for parents, caregivers and professionals who work with children – teachers and youth workers, for example. For those hoping to develop a career working with young people, it’s a smart addition to a CV that’s sure to be noticed by potential employers.


What job could I get with an e-Safety course? ­­

This e-Safety qualification will simply enhance your current skillset and knowledge around this topic.

Why study with us

Why study e-Safety Online Course with e-Careers?

  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with understanding the dangers that the internet poses to children.
  • Feel confident in correctly monitoring the internet activity of children in your care.
  • Add a valuable skill to your CV if you’re in or looking for a professional role working with children.
  • Utilise additional resources such as website and video tools to consolidate learning.
  • Reflect on your learning with activities set to back up the course content.
  • Study this short course when it suits you – material is available 24/7 for 12 months.
  • Customer support is available if needed.
  • An easy way to help protect younger internet users from online safety issues.
  • Taking this short course could mean the difference between safe internet use and potentially dangerous internet use.

Ensure that the children in your care are protected from the dangers of the internet, with this important short course in E-Safety.

Course Details

What does the e-Safety course cover?

Learning how to stay safe on the internet can be quite difficult, especially with a busy work schedule and 101 other things you need to turn your attention to. However, as the internet becomes more accessible, the time spent on devices lengthen meaning your children at more at risk. This course in e-Safety will give you the toolkit to protect you children online.

  • Recognise the risks that come alongside the benefits to internet use.
  • Learn about the dangers that children face online.
  • Understand the importance of monitoring the online activity of children.
  • Discover where you can report online concerns and risks.
  • Study an internet safety checklist which suggests how internet use should be approached with different age groups.
  • Learn essential internet terminology.
  • Find out which organisations tackle which internet safety issues.

This course is CACHE endorsed through Laser Learning, an official e-Careers partner.

CACHE Endorsed certificate(s) included.

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