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CIMA Professional Qualification Package (Operational, Management & Strategic Levels)


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What is the CIMA Professional Qualification Package? 

The CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting Qualification is CIMA’s globally recognised finance certification for business. It will guide you in exploring the art of decision making and dealing with key strategic issues within a business environment.

You will develop your skills and apply your knowledge in finance to business decisions across three sets of objective areas – operational, management and strategic. These areas will help you to influence essential decisions to ensure optimum performance.

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Group booking

Group booking

Key features of the course

  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exam: Available via Awarding Body
  • Assessment Included
  • Course Access: 24 months
  • Fully accredited course materials
CIMA Professional - Chartered Management Accounting (Operational E1, P1, F1, Management E2, P2, F2 & Strategic E3, P3, F3)
£567 ex. VAT

Apply your knowledge of CIMA's gold standard qualification in finance to influence essential business decisions at operational, management and strategic levels.

CIMA Professional - Operational Level Package (E1, P1, F1)
£250 ex. VAT

The first level of the CIMA Professional qualification, teaching you the fundamentals of management accounting to understand short-term finance strategy.

CIMA Professional - Management Level Package (E2, P2, F2)
£250 ex. VAT

Develop your decision-making and management skills for the medium-term with CIMA's globally recognised management accounting principles.

CIMA Professional - Strategic Level Package (E3, P3, F3)
£250 ex. VAT

The highest and final level of the CIMA Professional qualification, which will take you through several disciplines and techniques to make medium and long-term strategic decisions.

We offer monthly finance with 0% interest – view options on the checkout page. All prices inclusive of VAT
We offer monthly finance with 0% interest – view options on the checkout page. All prices inclusive of VAT

Is the CIMA Professional Qualification Package right for me?

The CIMA Professional Package is ideal for you if you have built solid foundations in business and finance. If you would like to build those foundations, you can do with the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, which can be found here.

How can I advance my career with the CIMA Professional Qualification Package?

When you have successfully passed the CIMA Professional Chartered Management Accounting Qualification you will become a powerhouse in the finance industry as a Management Accountant, with skills in finance, management and strategy.

Why study the CIMA Professional Qualification Package with e-Careers?

  • Thorough understanding of what it takes to be a business accounting professional, with a broad range of knowledge and expertise, to ensure professional and confident practices
  • Hone your decision-making skills
  • 24-month course access, so you can complete the online training at your own pace
  • Study towards the most relevant finance qualification in business and become a globally recognised CIMA qualified professional
  • Customer support is available, Monday to Friday
  • Tutor support is available as an optional extra for 24/7 access to our CIMA experts for thorough, one-to-one guidance on all things management accounting

What are the CIMA Professional Qualification Package modules?

There are nine modules in the CIMA Professional – Chartered Management Accounting online course. The syllabus is split into three levels, Operational level, Management level and Strategic level:

  • Operational level

E1 – Organisational Management

P1 – Management Accounting

F1 – Financial Reporting and Taxation

  • Management level

E1 - Project and Relationship Management

P2 - Advanced Management Accounting

F2 - Advanced Financial Reporting

  • Strategic level

E3 - Strategic Management

P3 - Risk Management

F3 - Financial Strategy

What does the CIMA Professional – Chartered Management Accounting online course cover?

The CIMA Professional – Chartered Management Accounting online course covers all the knowledge in all nine modules:

  • The fundamental elements of organisation management, including buyer behaviour, marketing aspects, information systems and legal issues.
  • How to apply your established accounting knowledge to financial matters, including budgets, variance analysis, cashflow forecasts and investments, to ensure that a business can run like clockwork and perform at its best.
  • The layout of financial statements and demonstrate confidence with regards to tax, audits, assets and reporting financial performance.
  • Project management and strategic analysis and get a firm grip of the fundamental techniques that a business requires to succeed.
  • The importance of leadership and develop your management skills to ensure that you’re in the best position possible to further your career.
  • The importance of pricing and budgeting with regards to the performance of a business. Learn how the learning curve theory and break-even analysis can play an important role in business strategies.
  • How advanced management accounting, including financial analysis, retirement benefits, groups and associates can progress your knowledge of the field.
  • Applying knowledge of marketing, strategic management and environmental analysis, and demonstrate how these factors can affect the overall position of a business within its particular industry.
  • Calculating risks and manage them and learn more about the auditing process.
  • How financial strategy, short-term and long-term, is a fundamental building block for any budding business to build on.
  • The importance of capital, long term financing and why forecasting is an integral part of any successful venture.

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