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4.8/5 from 14151 Reviews

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Cyber Security Specialist with Recruitment Support

Course Overview

Our Cyber Security Specialist training package has been developed to provide an excellent training programme for individuals interested in a career in Cyber Security, as an Ethical Hacker.

You will gain the skills, knowledge, and qualifications required to work in a Networking, IT Security, or Cyber Security job role, giving you plenty of future IT career prospects.    

After your Cyber Security training and exams, we will continue to support you Recruitment Support Team, who will invite you to our CV Workshops, carry out career coaching and 1-2-1 advice, help you improve your soft skills, and conduct mock interviews, to help you prepare.  

This Cyber Security Specialist training package includes the following training course and exams:

Once you have passed your exams, you will be awarded your Official CompTIA and EC-Council certificates, which will enable you to apply for a Networking or IT Security job, or an entry-level Cyber Security job as an Ethical Hacker.  

Discover how to become a Cyber Security Expert

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Key features

  • Delivery Method: Online & Virtual
  • Exams: Included
  • Duration: Varies by course
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Fully Accredited Qualifications
  • Over 4,000 Candidates Placed Into Employment
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online & Virtual
  • Exams: Included
  • Duration: Varies by course
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Fully Accredited Qualifications
  • Over 4,000 Candidates Placed Into Employment

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Course Details

Why study the Cyber Security Specialist package with e-Careers?

We offer a wide range of CompTIA and EC-Council certifications, so if you are looking to embark on a career in IT or Cyber Security, we can help you reach your goals, and work towards a rewarding career in this sector.

We have helped over 4,000 delegates gain employment in the IT and Cyber Security sectors, through our Job Academy Programmes, and helped over 595,000 delegates around the world with their training requirements.

Our 5-star rating on Trustpilot from over 9,000 delegates shows our passion and commitment to our students and we want you to succeed! Read through our delegates experiences to find out more.

You’ll also benefit from:

  •    eLearning materials focused on updated materials
  •    Expert trainers on Virtual Classroom training courses
  •    Having a CompTIA Authorised Training Partner
  •    Tutor Support
  •    Interest-free payment options

Learn how to keep your data safe

Why should I choose to study CompTIA & EC-Council Certifications?

If you currently have little to no IT experience, gaining professional IT and Cyber Security qualifications through CompTIA and EC-Council will provide an entry point into this exciting and well-paid industry.

Having earned your CompTIA and EC-Council certifications, you will have your knowledge validated by industry recognised awarding bodies, which can be used to gain employment internationally.

Students new to IT

Many delegates undertaking CompTIA IT certifications have never worked in the IT sector or have a limited knowledge of IT. As such, CompTIA certifications enable everyone interested in entering this industry, to gain the knowledge and confidence required to get into their first IT job roles and work their way towards more senior IT and Cyber Security jobs.

Is the Cyber Security Specialist package suitable for me?

If you want to become an Ethical Hacker but currently don’t have the IT certifications required to get started, this course makes for an excellent entry point, as you will gain the fundamental knowledge and certificates required to support your Cyber Security studies.  

This Cyber Security training course would suit:

  •    IT professionals looking to advance their careers in Cyber Security.
  •    Students who are considering an IT career in Security or Networking.
  •    Professionals who work in areas requiring a broad understanding of IT.
  •    Individuals looking to move into the Cyber Security industry.


While there are no official prerequisites to enrol on this Cyber Security Specialist training package, it would be beneficial if you have a basic understanding of IT or have already earned your CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certificate and CompTIA A+ Certificate.  

What jobs can I apply for after my Cyber Security Specialist training?

The Cyber Security industry offers high average salaries and excellent career progression opportunities, making it an excellent career choice. 

Once you have earned your CompTIA and CEH qualifications, you can apply for a range of Cyber Security jobs, including:

  •    Web Application Tester - £42k
  •    Network Administrator - £44k
  •    Network Support Specialist - £46k
  •    Information Security Analyst - £51k
  •    Network Security Analyst - £51k
  •    Network Analyst - £53k
  •    Cyber Security Analyst - £55k
  •    Penetration Tester - £60k
  •    Ethical Hacker - £67k

(Source: ITJobswatch)

While the above salaries showcase the UK average, there is the opportunity for you to work your way up the career ladder and into jobs exceeding £100k-£150k. Alternatively, you may decide to work for yourself as a freelance Ethical Hacker or consultant, where you will have the chance to earn millions of pounds a year, like Scottish Ethical Hacker, Mark Litchfield.

CompTIA Network+ Syllabus

  •    Computer Network Fundamentals
  •    The OSI Reference Model
  •    Network Components
  •    Ethernet Technology
  •    IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses
  •    Routing IP Packets
  •    Wide Area Networks (WANs)
  •    Wireless Technologies
  •    Network Optimisation
  •    Command-Line Tools
  •    Network Management
  •    Network Security
  •    Network Policies and Best Practices
  •    Network Troubleshooting

CompTIA Security+ Syllabus

  •    CompTIA Security+ Syllabus
  •    Security fundamentals  
  •    Risk management   
  •    Cryptography   
  •    Network connectivity  
  •    Network security technologies  
  •    Secure network configuration  
  •    Authentication   
  •    Access control   
  •    Securing hosts and data  
  •    Securing specialised systems   
  •    Application security   
  •    Cloud security   
  •    Organisational security   
  •    Disaster planning and recovery

Certified Ethical Hacker Syllabus

  •    Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  •    Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  •    Scanning Networks
  •    Enumeration
  •    Vulnerability Analysis
  •    System Hacking
  •    Malware Threats
  •    Sniffing
  •    Social Engineering
  •    Denial-of-Service
  •    Session Hijacking
  •    Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  •    Hacking Web Servers
  •    Hacking Web Applications
  •    SQL Injection
  •    Hacking Wireless Networks
  •    Hacking Mobile Platforms
  •    IoT Hacking
  •    Cloud Computing
  •    Cryptography

CompTIA Network+ Exam Details

Exam: Code N10-007.

Exam format – Multiple-choice.

Number of questions – 90.

Pass mark – 720/900 (80%)

CompTIA Security+ Exam Details

Exam: Code SY0-601

Exam format – Multiple-choice.

Number of questions – 90.

Duration – 90-mins.

Pass mark – 750/900 (83%).

Certified Ethical Hacker Exam Details

Exam format - Multiple-choice.

Number of questions - 125.

Duration - 4 hours.

Pass mark - Ranges from 60% to 85%.

Enrolment and Studying   

During our induction process, we will discuss the training schedules and prepare you to begin your training.   

Once you have completed your training, practical labs, assessments, and exams, you will go through the recruitment process and work towards becoming job ready.    

Recruitment Process  

Our Recruitment Team will work with you to help you prepare for any upcoming job interviews, helping you feel more prepared and confident.   

The recruitment process includes:    

  •    Welcome email with next steps explained in detail. 
  •    Invitation to CV workshops, which covers:  
    •    How to create multiple CVs tailored to your specific job descriptions.  
    •    Looking at candidates from an employer's perspective (Value, Behaviour, Skills). 
    •    Creating excellent LinkedIn Profiles & how to create Video CVs. 
    •    Introducing you to a range of Job Boards. 
    •    How to handle competency-based interview questions. 
    •    Preparing you for job interviews. 
  •    Coaching and assessments to create self-awareness. 
  •    1-2-1 competency-based interview question sessions tailored to your industry. 
  •    Sessions to help you improve your soft skills and confidence. 
  •    We will share with you live vacancies and networking contacts to help with your job search.  
  •    On demand support through our career coaching (interview preparation, mock interview).

Our Recruitment Team will provide you with support for up to 6 months from the day you finish your training with us to help you with your career progression preparations. 

Career Advice

​Our experts offer valuable advice sharing their experience and insights which will enable you to make informed decisions throughout your career.


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