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What is the Social Media & Digital Marketing Package?

The Social Media & Digital Marketing Package will empower you to master powerful social media platforms for personal and business use. For marketing to be successful within your business it is crucial to understand how to leverage these tools. You maybe a novice or a seasoned professional, this course has the right balance for both.

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Social Media & Digital Marketing Bundle

Master multiple social media platforms for personal and business use by learning how to fully utilise them in your marketing strategies.

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Who is it for

Is the Social Media & Digital Marketing Package right for me?

If you are currently in the digital marketing industry and have not taken this course, this will certainly be a good time to understand the most up to date platforms. Perhaps you are a business owner that would like to upskill current staff, this can also be applicable.


What job could I get with a Social Media & Digital Marketing qualification? ­­

This course is a great way to enhance your current CV or skillset. It is also an ideal way to start a career in digital marketing by proving your credentials to potential employers.

Why study with us

Why study Social Media & Digital Marketing Package with e-Careers?

Social media marketing is an integral part of day-today life and a thorough knowledge of how to use it will impress employers and advance your career prospects, or help you market your own business. Other benefits of this course include:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of the most powerful and important social media platforms.
  • Firm understanding of how to use social media platforms in a marketing and sales capacity.
  • Take your skill-set to the next level by learning to use social media and pairing it with analytics.
  • Advance your business or career by proving that you have mastered this sector of marketing and sales.
  • Build your career prospects and impress potential employers.

Course Details

What are the Social Media & Digital Marketing Package modules?

  • Basics of Marketing with Social Media
  • Marketing Tools and Tips for Success
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook 101
  • Facebook 102
  • Marketing with Google and YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr

What does the Social Media & Digital Marketing Package cover?

Used effectively, social media can outperform all other types of marketing and communication strategy. This course provides a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all major social media platforms and how correctly applying them can revolutionise your online reach.

Focus areas include:

  • Basics of marketing with social media - An introduction to the most popular and powerful social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.
  • Marketing tools and tips for success - Learn the tools available to help you boost your social media reach, including Bitly, Woobox, Hootsuite and Storify.
  • Google Analytics - Google Analytics is a powerful tool which can help you successfully promote your website on the world’s largest search engine.
  • Facebook - Facebook isn’t just for interacting with your friends – it’s also a very powerful marketing tool for businesses too. Learn how to use Facebook to promote and grow your brand.
  • Marketing with Google, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr -Learn how to get the most each of the largest social media platforms.
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