First Time Leadership

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What is the First Time Leadership course?

This is the First Time Leadership course which will teach you the difference between leadership and management. You will gain knowledge that can develop your own skills, which will progress you to become a successful leader, negotiator and positive communicator.

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First Time Leadership

Understand the difference between leadership and management as you develop your own skills to become a successful leader.

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Is the First Time Leadership online course right for me?

Give yourself the best chance of success in a new leadership position by signing up to this course that is will give you a solid base on which to build a skillset that is perfectly suited to leadership roles - learning key skills and gaining essential knowledge to help provide effective leadership in an early years or childcare setting.


What job could I get with a First Time Leadership qualification? ­­

If you are looking to progress your leadership skills and qualities, then this course is perfect progression for yourself. On completing this course, you will be able to become a more of a confident leader.

Why study with us

Why study First Time Leadership online course with e-Careers?

  • Links to videos, including one of Benjamin Zander (conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra), and gain some vital insight that can be applied to your own field of work.
  • Activity sheets available to be downloaded, which include various tasks that can be read and completed. These tasks don’t count towards your final grade, but can help you to reinforce the knowledge you have gained in the course.
  • Complete the lesson by answering a 10-question multiple choice test.
  • Gain invaluable knowledge and key skills which can help you to become an effective leader or manager.
  • Perfectly position yourself for a leadership role by taking the initiative to develop your own professional skillset.

Course Details

What does the First Time Leadership course cover?

This course is ideal for anyone working within a childcare setting, whether currently in a first time leadership role or aiming to continue with their professional development. This course can help to develop the skills you need to reach your leadership potential and works well alongside the other leadership, supervisory and managerial skill courses in our programme.

  • Learn the differences between leading and managing, and the qualities and skills required to perform both roles effectively. Gain insight into the qualities and characteristics of a good leader within an early years setting.
  • Learn how to adapt from being a friend and colleague to becoming a line manager.
  • Recognise some of the ways in which you can negotiate and communicate with your team, so that the outcome suits all.
  • Understand the need for effective time management and excellent organisational skills.
  • Gain insight into the need for stress management, ensuring that a leader or manager stays calm and balanced, even during difficult times. Learn how to evaluate the reasons for these challenging circumstances.
  • Learn how to make our own mind map with the help of the recommended multimedia links.
Free course advice
Learn more about how we use your data

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