Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person
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Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person

Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person


What is the Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person course?

A key person is the named Childcare Practitioner who has responsibility for a set group of children throughout their time in that area/room of a childcare setting. It is their responsibility to build up a relationship with the children they look after and their parents or primary caregivers. Positive relationships help build a solid foundation for social and emotional development, so if you feel you have the attributes needed to make a difference in a nursery setting as a key person, then why not take the first steps with us today!

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Who is it for

Is the Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person online course right for me?

This course is a great foundation on which to build or extend your Childcare Practitioner training in an early years or nursery setting. Whether you already have some experience as a nursery assistant or lunchtime staff and you’re looking to progress, or you’re new to the sector, this course will help you work towards a rewarding new key person role.


What job could I get with a Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person course?

Certification in this course will be of benefit to anyone working in, or aspiring to work in, a childcare or Early Years setting – including Teaching Assistants, Nursery Staff and Early Years Support Staff. If you want to learn more about becoming a key person and feel you have the attributes needed, this course can help you to achieve that goal.

Why study with us

Why study the Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person online course with e-Careers?

  • Expand your training and work towards your career goals in childcare with valuable insight on fulfilling the key person role.
  • A range of learning materials and further reading will further reinforce the role of a key person and the importance of building positive partnerships.
  • This course can be combined with other CACHE-endorsed eLearning to further extend your training and provide a solid overview of the EYFS framework.
  • Reinforce the course content with quizzes, activity sheet downloads and presentations.
  • This is a no deadline course which you can log in and out of whenever suits you, with 12 months access to all study material.
  • Download a CACHE Endorsed certificate on completion of the course, and improve your prospects of becoming a key person in your childcare setting.

Course Details

What are the Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person modules?

The topics studied will include:

  • The role of a key person and key attributes needed.
  • Relationship building with children and their parents.
  • Promoting personal, social, and emotional development.
  • Emotional needs of children.
  • How children develop friendships.
  • Observations and recording milestones.

What does the Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person online course cover?

  • Gain a greater understanding of the role a key person plays in a nursery, and the relationship building with children and their parents.
  • Look at the attributes needed to succeed in the role and deliver the best possible childcare provision.
  • Understand how a key person can promote personal, social and emotional development, and what that will mean in your current/future practice.
  • Be able to identify factors that affect a child’s ability to build relationships and learn about the emotional needs they may experience during their time at nursery.
  • Look into making observations in your childcare setting, to learn how children develop friendships.
  • Find out about ‘tell me about’ cards and recording moments or milestones for parents.

This course is CACHE endorsed through Laser Learning, an official e-Careers partner.

CACHE Endorsed certificate(s) included.

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Fulfilling the Role of the Key Person

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