IOSH - Working Safely - Training & Exam

What is the IOSH Working Safely course?

The IOSH Working Safely course and exam package is ideal for you if you want to learn more about health and safety in the workplace. This entry-level course helps promote a basic understanding of health and safety practices, which can be used to further your training as an employee or to refresh your knowledge. It may also help with your training outcomes as you look to progress in your chosen sector. 

Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exam: Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • Fully accredited course materials
  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 access
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Online
  • Exam: Included
  • Course Access: 6 months
  • Fully accredited course materials
  • Study anytime, anywhere
  • 24/7 access
Course Details

Is the IOSH Working Safely online course right for me?

Each module on this course has been carefully selected to help you gain a basic awareness and understanding of health and safety best practice and how to apply it in the workplace. 

How can I advance my career with the Working Safely online course and exam package?

Health and safety in the workplace is something every member of staff, at all levels, has to have some awareness and understanding of. Having a basic understanding of the best practice, or refreshing your knowledge of current regulations, will have practical and professional benefits in a broad range of industry sectors, so start learning today!

Why study the Working Safely course with e-Careers?

  •    A great introduction to safe working practice that can be applied to a range of sectors and industries
  •    Engagement guaranteed with a variety of learning methods, including interactive elements and quizzes
  •    Enjoy flexible learning at your own pace, with access to all course materials for six months
  •   Track your progress during the course to give yourself the best chance of achieving the IOSH qualification
  •    Pass the end of course test and practical hazard assessment to be awarded the Working Safely certificate from Europe’s leading health and safety body, IOSH (two attempts are included)

What are the Working Safely distance learning modules?

The Working Safely course material is split into six different units:

  •    Course introduction
  •    Why is it important to work safely
  •    Improving safety performance
  •    The environment
  •    Multiple choice test
  •    Hazard assessment

Working Safely IOSH exams

This training course includes a two-part exam. You will be tested on your knowledge through a 20-minute multiple-choice test, and when this has been completed it will unlock the hazard assessment. If you pass both parts of the exam you'll be awarded the IOSH Working Safely certification. Two attempts at each exam are included in this course package.

What does the IOSH Working Safely course cover?

  •    Recognise the importance of health and safety in the workplace
  •    Learn about the measures you can take to prevent health and safety issues, and not put yourself or your colleagues at risk
  •    Find out about the precautions and preventative measures you can take to create a safe working environment
  •    Look into emergency procedures and accident plans, and the individual responsibilities of staff should an incident occur
  •    Learn more about hazards, risk, and risk controls in the workplace, and the importance of risk assessment
  •    Find out more about day to day risk assessment, and practical workplace applications
  •    Become familiar with the consequences for staff and business of not correctly following health and safety regulations
  •    Understand what a health and safety management system is, and learn more about safety signs and signals
  •    Learn about the incident reporting process, and who to report an incident or health and safety accident to
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