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4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

DevOps Certifications Courses

​Discover limitless opportunities in software engineering within cloud computing through DevOps certifications.

Earning a DevOps certification can lead to a fulfilling career in the tech industry by providing a thorough understanding of the DevOps skills and practices required by employees. These DevOps qualifications are all developed by industry-renowned and internationally recognised Awarding Bodies, which will help you stand out in a crowded job market.

Whether you choose to study via eLearning or in one of our Virtual Classroom sessions, your training provides you with the essential knowledge required to excel in a career in this field. 

DevOps certifications can drastically improve your career prospects by opening high-paying positions across various industries. Attaining DevOps certifications from prominent organisations such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT verifies your knowledge and identifies you as a competitive applicant, increasing the impact of your CV, and opens the door to more career opportunities.

Discover the world of DevOps certifications and the way to your future success!

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Career opportunities after completing DevOps certification courses

As the technological landscape evolves, so does the demand for skilled and experienced DevOps professionals. Completing a DevOps certification can help you further your career in various areas, including software development, cloud infrastructure, testing, and more. Completing a DevOps certification course can lead to career openings for Software Engineers, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, Software Tester, and Senior DevOps Engineer positions.

Software Developer

You can pave your way into a career as a Software Developer by obtaining a DevOps certification. DevOps concepts help to promote a faster and more effective software development lifecycle, which encourages communication between development and operations teams. As a Software Developer with DevOps knowledge, you will develop code and comprehend every step of the software delivery process, from planning and coding through testing, deployment, and monitoring.

Cloud Infrastructure Engineers

Cloud computing has become an essential business requirement for most organisations and within almost every sector, and because DevOps practises are closely related to cloud infrastructure management, DevOps-certified personnel are in high demand as Cloud Infrastructure Engineers. You will be responsible for architecting and maintaining scalable, dependable, and secure cloud systems using your expertise in automation, orchestration, and cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Software testers

Quality assurance is essential to any software development process, and DevOps has transformed the testing process. DevOps-certified software testers bring a distinct skill set, and they are often referred to as 'TestOps engineers'. They are skilled in automated testing frameworks, version control, and continuous integration and delivery pipelines, allowing them to work directly with development teams to guarantee that code changes are thoroughly tested and verified before deployment.

Senior DevOps Engineer

Becoming a Senior DevOps Engineer provides a lucrative path for professionals wanting to advance their DevOps careers. Your day-to-day tasks in this role will include designing and optimising CI/CD pipelines, integrating sophisticated automation, and ensuring the overall reliability and security of the software delivery process.

About DevOps certification courses

DevOps certification courses aim to provide you with the skills and information required to excel in DevOps-related professions and practises. We have collaborated with industry titans such as BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT , and AWS, which are essential for launching a successful career in the computer business.

Amazon Web Services and BCS are both highly regarded IT authorities, ensuring that these training courses meet the highest industry standards.

AWS is a global leader in cloud computing, adding cloud-native expertise to your study options should your chosen career path require it. These credentials provide professionals with a thorough understanding of DevOps principles and practices.

These courses provide the information and skills needed to thrive in the ever-changing DevOps industry, whether it's mastering automation or continuous integration. With increased demand for DevOps employees across sectors, these certifications give a clear path to career growth, making them a valuable investment for aspiring and seasoned tech enthusiasts.

DevOps certifications course FAQs

What are the responsibilities of DevOps engineers?

Modern software development depends heavily on having a certified DevOps Engineer professional responsible for bridging the gap between the development and operations teams. A certified DevOps engineer expert holds the knowledge and abilities required to succeed in this crucial role and has received accreditation from recognised organisations like the DevOps Institute.

Due to their configuration management experience, these experts ensure that software and systems are consistently deployed and maintained. To become qualified DevOps engineers, people can pursue several qualifications, such as the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification or the Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer certification. These credentials attest to knowledge of essential DevOps techniques and tools.

The requirement for a Cloud DevOps Engineer has boomed in this newly developed age of cloud computing. DevOps Engineers use cloud services to improve development pipelines and enable continuous integration and delivery. As mentioned, the demand for qualified DevOps engineers continues to grow as organisations see the benefit these DevOps professionals bring to their organisation. DevOps certifications give professionals the skills and credibility they need to succeed in this fast-paced industry, making them priceless assets for any company.

Why get certified in DevOps?

Obtaining a DevOps certification is a strategic step with numerous career benefits, such as confirming your knowledge of DevOps principles, automation tools, and practices while showcasing your abilities to potential employers, boosting your employment possibilities, and opening the door to better-paying opportunities.

Furthermore, DevOps certification programmes teach students about the DevOps ecosystem, including automation, continuous integration, and deployment processes. This knowledge enables you to contribute more effectively to software development and IT operations, increasing your value to employers.

These professional qualifications also give you a competitive advantage in the job market as companies increasingly seek qualified DevOps workers. It provides global recognition, allowing your abilities to transfer across boundaries. Furthermore, credentialed individuals frequently receive access to valuable networks and communities, enabling continual learning and development.

What are the best DevOps certifications?

We have several recommendations for DevOps certification training courses for people looking to build their DevOps knowledge. With that said, your current skill level, career ambitions, and the tools and platforms you want to use will determine the right DevOps certification for your goals.

The Official AWS Fundamentals in DevOps certification is an excellent choice for specialising in DevOps practises inside an AWS cloud environment. AWS-certified DevOps engineer focuses on the convergence of DevOps and AWS services, offering a solid foundation in AWS tools and services extensively utilised in DevOps scenarios. This globally recognised certification can be beneficial if you intend to work significantly with AWS technologies.

The BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps, on the other hand, provides a broader and vendor-neutral grasp of DevOps ideas and practices. It is an excellent solution if you want a versatile DevOps foundation that can be implemented across numerous cloud platforms and toolsets. Furthermore, because BCS is a recognised IT organisation, this certification can boost your professional credibility and become a great starting point for your DevOps journey.

Finally, your decision should be dictated by your long-term career goals, the technology stack you want to use, and the flexibility you require in your DevOps skill set.

Is a DevOps certificate worth IT?

Gaining official industry-recognised qualifications to support your career development is always worthwhile, whether you're new to the world of IT or are looking to upskill for career advancement or a boost in earnings. DevOps certifications can be highly beneficial for IT workers who want to specialise in areas involving software development, IT operations, or DevOps practices. These certificates provide a structured approach to learning DevOps ideas, automation, continuous integration, and deployment processes, increasing your DevOps skills and making you more marketable.

DevOps professionals are in high demand, and many organisations will only hire certified professionals so they can be sure their employees can manage the challenges faced in these roles, such as enhancing their software delivery pipelines.

Choosing a certification programme that matches your aims and is offered by a trustworthy training provider is crucial. Furthermore, while gaining accreditation is essential, hands-on experience implementing DevOps practises in real-world projects is equally vital to effectively using the knowledge and abilities earned through accreditation. As a result, pursuing a DevOps certification should be based on a rigorous assessment of your career path, market demand, and commitment to studying and applying DevOps ideas.

What is the typical study time for these courses?

The time required for completing any training and DevOps certification exam varies depending on factors like your prior experience, the certification's complexity, the certification provider's requirements, and your study schedule. That said, we have provided a breakdown of our DevOps certification course's average study times, below:

BCS Foundation Certificate in DevOps

This multi-certification program, delivered in a virtual classroom setting, gives participants significant insights into DevOps methodology, DevOps tools, and practises. It provides the information and skills you need to expedite the continuous delivery of applications and services, making your work more effective.

Official AWS Fundamentals in DevOps

The fundamental ideas of DevOps are covered in this two-day online course on AWS Fundamentals. This course prepares you for a DevOps career by acting as a launching pad for more advanced AWS DevOps training.