ITIL® Intermediate - Service Lifecycle Modules SS, SD, ST, SO, CSI

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What are the ITIL® Intermediate Service Lifecycle Modules?

The ITIL® Lifecycle modules are most applicable to IT service management professionals who intend to focus on management or a team leader role, with specific emphasis on the process and practice elements used, and utilising the management skills needed to deliver quality Service Management practices.

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ITIL® Intermediate - Service Lifecycle Modules SS, SD, ST, SO, CSI

The ITIL® Intermediate Service Lifecycle modules are most relevant to those who have, or who are looking to, manage or lead various teams in an ITIL® lifecycle.

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Course Code EC112637
Course type Online Course with Exam
Course Access 1 Year
Associated Certification ITIL Intermediate SS, SD, ST, SO, CSI
Processor 2.4 gigahertz (GHz)
Operating Systems Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,Mac OS
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Compatibility Windows, Mac
Devices Required Web camera,Microphone,Speakers

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Who is it for

Are the ITIL® Service Lifecycle modules for me?

This ITIL® package is the ideal solution for IT Managers and Service Management Practitioners who are involved in the strategy, design and implementation and on-going support of business services. ITIL® Lifecycle management is also suitable for those who interact with information systems who require an insight into Service Management best practice, this may include Business Analysts, Project and Programme staff or Business Strategy Managers.


How will I advance my career with ITIL® Service Lifecycle modules?

Upon completion of this package, you will have a complete understanding of the ITIL® Service Lifecycle. Once the examinations for each course have been passed you will be able to take the Managing Across the Lifecycle course. You will also be able to function in a plethora of service management, IT and analyst roles.

Why study with us

Why study the ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle package with e-Careers?

  • A full and in-depth understanding of process and practice management using the ITIL® Service Management framework which can lead you to ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle
  • Credits gained will count towards the 17 required so you can take the Managing Across the Lifecycle course to advance to ITIL® Expert
  • ITIL® live chat tutor support is available
  • Exams included in this package
  • A cost-efficient training solution if you need to take all four courses for career progression
  • Customer support is included in this package

Course Details

What's included in the ITIL® Service Lifecycle package?

This ITIL® Service Lifecycle package includes:

  • Service Strategy (SS) and the official exam
  • Service Design (SD) and the official exam
  • Service Transition (ST) and the official exam
  • Service Operation (SO) and the official exam
  • Continual Service Improvement (CSI) and the official exam

What do the ITIL® Service Lifecycle modules cover?

The ITIL® Lifecycle package will give you an in-depth understanding of process and practice elements used within the management aspects of an ITIL® service lifecycle. You will learn:

  • The importance of the strategic aspect of service within the IT service lifecycle, and how to design, develop, and implement ad strategy which aligns with organisational strategy
  • The design of IT services including architectures, processes, policies and documentation which will enable you to design services that meet organisational needs
  • The process, practice and management techniques required to build, test and implement products and services
  • Focus on the principles, processes, operational activities and functions that enable a successful management of how products and services perform
  • How you can strategically review products and services following the other five stages of the ITIL® lifecycle and how this process should be organised and executed

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