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4.8/5 from 14151 Reviews

CEPAS - Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - Virtual Classroom

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course has been developed for every employee, within any sector, carrying out any job role. The purpose of the Yellow Belt training course is to help every employee add value to their business by spotting and resolving areas of improvement.  

Lean Six Sigma offers the best of both the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, helping to standardise work, eliminate waste and defects, improve customer satisfaction, and help the business become more profitable.

A Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is a professional Lean expert, who leads and sustains Lean Six Sigma implementation projects as part of their regular work responsibilities.

Our 2-day Lean Six Sigma for Yellow Belt training course, will teach you the fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies, as well as the tools and techniques used by project management professionals. Learn from our highly qualified, expert project management trainers, that have extensive practical industry knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology at all Belt levels. This certification is internationally recognised.

Once you have completed this training, you can enhance your technical knowledge and skills with the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. 

This course can be accessed in an Online format.

We're proud of our excellent rating on Trustpilot, with over 14,000 reviews from our past students.

Key features

  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Exam: Included with one free resit
  • Mock Exams Included
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Interest-free Payments
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Exam Pass Guarantee*
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Key features
  • Delivery Method: Virtual Classroom
  • Exam: Included with one free resit
  • Mock Exams Included
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Certified & Experienced Trainers
  • Interest-free Payments
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Exam Pass Guarantee*

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"e-Careers came out top of our list of companies we looked at for having an efficient and cost effective delivery programme supported by their promise of a high pass rate. Their knowledgeable and calm approach during the discussions gave us confidence in their ability to take this training on. We have now put over 60 people through their Lean programme and their engagement, support and understanding of the subject has been unsurpassed. Feedback on the course content and their trainers has been excellent from participants and e-Careers continue to provide revision and exam support to our colleagues after the training."

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Course Details

Why study the CEPAS Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt with e-Careers? 

Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology aimed at improving productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing operational costs. 

Lean refers to maximising customer value and minimising the areas of waste in processes, creating enhanced customer satisfaction and less wasted resources. Six Sigma is the ongoing effort to continually reduce product and process variation through a defined project approach. Combining these two approaches results in a range of benefits, including reduced costs, retained business, improved staff morale, and increased customer satisfaction. 

Lean Six Sigma professionals are in high demand due to their ability to use problem-solving techniques to reach business solutions, save costs, ensure higher customer satisfaction, and improve efficiency in all areas of the business. 

Read our Blog to discover the 3 ways Six Sigma will improve your life.

We have developed an expert team over the last 10 years since our inception. In that time, we have trained over 625,000 delegates globally, which has helped offer the highest quality training, and we have earned a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, from over 13,000 students. 

By refining our processes, partner relationships, and course materials, we can offer high-quality training solutions for our delegates. 

You will also benefit from:

  •    Exam Pass Guarantee*
  •    Fast-track your learning with our Virtual Classroom course.
  •    Enhance your career prospects.
  •    Learn from expert trainers, with vast experience in this field.
  •    We offer interest-free payment options.

How does the Exam Pass Guarantee work?

We have found our Virtual Classroom training has provided higher pass rates, which has made us confident to offer an Exam Pass Guarantee, so you know we’ll support you until you are certified.

With our Exam Pass Guarantee, if you do not pass the exam after attending this training course with us, you will be eligible to attend the same training again for free.

All we ask is that you:

  •    Attend all class days and complete all assignments
  •    Take the exam within 30 days of completing your Virtual Classroom training
  •    Request your course re-enrolment within 30 days of the failed exam attempt

Please Note:

Students retaking the course are required to use any materials or books distributed to them in their original course session. Failure to provide these materials will result in the student being charged for replacement materials.

*Exam Pass Guarantee does not include the resit exam; this would need to be purchased at an additional cost.

Is the CEPAS Yellow Belt course right for me?

The CEPAS Lean Six Sigma certification for Yellow Belt is an entry-level point for individuals looking to start their Project Management career, working as part of a project team.

If you have little to no experience in Project Management or the methodologies of Lean Six Sigma, this training course is the ideal course to get you started. 


There are no prerequisites to enrol onto this training course, just a willingness to participate and an open mind.

What jobs can I apply for after my CEPAS Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training? 

Once you have completed your Lean Six Sigma training and passed the Yellow Belt exam, you can start to apply for a range of jobs within different sectors, including: 

  •    Quality Control Inspector - £21k
  •    Process Improvement Analyst - £28k
  •    Process Engineer - £32.5k 

(Source: Payscale) 

There is also the opportunity for you to continue studying by enrolling onto our Green Belt and Black Belt courses. Once you have passed your Green and Black Belt exams, you can apply for more senior, higher paying job roles.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Syllabus

This Lean Six Sigma training course involves 2-days of classroom training and includes comprehensive training materials, exam, and your certificate. We will also register you onto the CEPAS public register of Lean Six Sigma certified professionals.

Throughout our CEPAS Yellow Belt qualification, you will cover the below topics: 

Day 1 

  •    Fundamental Lean and Six Sigma principles
  •    The benefits of blending the two in a unified approach
  •    The DMAIC methodology
  •    Project targeting criteria
  •    What makes a great Lean Six Sigma project?
  •    Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools
  •    Key elements of successful Lean transformation
  •    Project selection
  •    Team roles

Day 2 

  •    Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  •    Value Stream Mapping
  •    Value-Add versus Non-Value-Add
  •    Root Cause Analysis
  •    Fishbone Diagrams
  •    Lean Flows & Work Cells
  •    5S’s (Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardise & Sustain)
  •    Visual Tools
  •    Capacity and Bottlenecks

 On completion of the course you will be able to: 

  •    List the basic tools and principles that underlie the Lean Six Sigma improvement model
  •    Identify opportunities to improve a process
  •    Define project improvement goals
  •    Identify how to plan for and conduct data collection to uncover root causes
  •    Describe how to verify root causes of process issues
  •    List how to implement simple but effective improvement techniques and concepts
  •    Identify how to sustain the gain of process improvements 

What is Pareto Analysis and how is it used in Lean Six Sigma? 

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Exam Details

The purpose of this exam is to verify that you have gained the necessary Yellow Belt skills, knowledge and competencies.

You will receive one free resit with this training course. 

Yellow Belt Exam Details

Exam format - Multiple-choice, Online, proctored exam.

Duration - 30-minutes.

Number of questions - 32.

Pass mark - 24/32 (65%).

Exam Requirements 

  •    Photo ID (Passport, Driving Licence)
  •    Laptop or PC with internet connection, Webcam and Microphone
  •    You must be alone and not have any study materials around you (This will be checked by the examiner, before your exam starts)

Exams can be taken 24/7, depending on available time slots.

Scheduling for your exam can be booked up to 3 days after registering with ProctorU. Full instructions will be provided upon redeeming your exam voucher. 

We recommend taking the CEPAS Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam within the first 6 weeks after your course completion date. The exam voucher fee is included in the course fee.

Please note there is a Yellow Belt Annual Maintenance and Re-certification cost. For those in the UK, the Annual Maintenance cost ranges from £14-£30, and the Re-certification cost ranges from £29-£59, paid every 5 years. Fees vary by country.

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

The methodologies taught on this Lean Six Sigma training course, have been developed to teach you how to improve an organisations productivity, increasing customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Lean teaches you how to maximise your customer value while minimising areas of waste in processes, creating higher customer satisfaction with fewer resources wasted. Six Sigma teaches you how to continually reduce process and product variation, with a defined project approach. 

When you combine the methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma, you get a wide range of improvements to your business. These include a reduction in spending, improved business retention, higher morale within your teams, and an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Lean Six Sigma professionals are in high demand, as they can use problem-solving techniques to resolve business issues, help save costs and gain higher customer satisfaction.

Read our Blog to discover the 3 ways Six Sigma will improve your life.

Since 1828, Bureau Veritas has been a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services.

  •    Generates over €5 billion in revenue per annum
  •    Bureau Veritas procured CEPAS in 2016 to provide further focus on the people certification market.
  •    74,000 employees across 1,400 offices and laboratories
  •    Recognised in over 140 countries

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