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Management Skills Training - Classroom


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What is the Management Skills Training course?

Management is an important aspect of business and with the fast-paced, constantly changing, working environment, it’s important now more than ever to get these skills established within your workplace.

Available delivery methods for this course


Group booking

Group booking

Key features of the course

  • Delivery Method: Classroom
  • Accredited & Experienced Trainers
  • Duration: 3 Days

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Location Date Duration Price Availability
Live OnlineJun 3rd 2020  3 Days£1,595 ex. VATAvailable
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LondonJun 10th 2020  3 Days£1,595 ex. VATAvailable
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Live OnlineJun 10th 2020  3 Days£1,595 ex. VATAvailable
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Is the Management Skills course right for me?

Having a management team (or manager) that is able to lead and direct members of staff towards completing company goals, is not only beneficial but essential for the successful growth of any business. As such, this management course would be beneficial for junior managers, senior managers and employees responsible for teams or individual staff members.

The Management Skills course would also suit those looking to move into management, or who aspire to start a career in a management role.

Why Choose e-Careers?

e-Careers has partnered with The Learning Tree, to offer a range of courses, delivered via high-tech classrooms or virtual learning, depending on your requirement.

We are an award-winning, established eLearning course provider, with over 16 years’ experience in the industry.  We offer high-quality training courses at competitive prices.

What will I learn on this course?

The Management Skills training course will provide you with the required management skills and leadership competencies, to help resolve against typical challenges that businesses face, from a management perspective. Gain an understating on what is required to motivate and empower staff, while leading with vision and facilitating effective communication. You’ll also learn how to delegate appropriately to teams and individuals, as well as developing a management vision for success.

Classroom-based Training 

 e-Careers were originally an online learning organisation but over time we’ve established additional learning methods, to provide our delegates with a variety of study options, including:

  • Bespoke training
  • Classroom-based training
  • On-site training
  • LiveOnline (virtual learning)

The Classrooms

Our classroom training centre is in London, Euston, conveniently located directly opposite Euston station, making transport and accessibility easier.

Our clean, high-tech classrooms provide a comfortable learning environment for our delegates, and we pride ourselves on providing a first-class training experience. You’ll notice this from your first steps in our London training centre, right through to your last day on the course, helping you to feel welcomed and comfortable. 

Each classroom has been designed to perfectly suit the courses being offered. For example, our Cyber Security classrooms come kitted out with a range of high specification PC’s (typically i7’s), with monitors for you to work through the practical assignments and an additional vertical screen to view your digital course materials.

Your instructor will use cutting-edge technology to ensure a high-quality learning experience for all delegates, including the latest annotation hardware and software.  

Alternatives to Classroom-based study

We understand that not every delegate has the same date availability or can’t make it to London, so we have created a range of suitable alternatives, including:  

  • LiveOnline – This is our virtual classroom option. Be a fully participating and integrated member of the classroom but from the comfort of your own home or office. We supply you with all the course materials required to fully participate with the class.
  • eLearning – This is our Online/ Distance learning option. If a classroom or LiveOnline option are unsuitable for your requirements, we do offer a full online course option, where you can study at your own pace and in your own time.

Module 1 – Setting the Stage for Great Management

  • Best practises of contemporary management
    • Defining customer success
    • Establishing a sense of direction
    • Adopting a continuous improvement mindset
    • Empowering people for high performance
  • Identifying stakeholder needs
    • Mapping the stakeholder environment
    • Identifying mutual and conflicting expectations
    • Establishing success criteria

Module 2 – Applying a Model of management identity

  • Importance of management identity
    • Making the transition from expert to manager
    • How managing, leading and administering relate
    • Managing people more expert than you
  • What kind of manager do you want to be?
    • Developing a management role model
    • Adapting the model to your managerial situation
    • Ten things all successful managers do

Module 3 – Managing with Emotional Intelligence (EI)

  • Five characteristics of the effective manager
    • Knowing yourself: developing three key interpersonal skills
    • Working with others: applying integral interpersonal skills
  • Applying emotional intelligence day to day
    • Responding appropriately in key situations
    • Using emotional intelligence to lead by example

Module 4 – Motivating Individuals for Performance

  • Recognising key motivators
    • Avoiding the top demotivators
    • Leveraging motivators that work for everyone
    • Maximising your impact on motivation
  • Matching motivators to individual expectations
    • Identifying people’s basic needs
    • Recognising and responding to generational differences
    • Developing and applying a motivational strategy

Module 5 – The Art of Delegation

  • Fostering commitment through effective delegation
    • Creating a spirit of partnership
    • Establishing a common understanding of success
    • Applying a proven step-by-step process for delegation
  • Getting the job done: task and process
    • Determining individual strengths
    • Building on natural talents
    • Collaborating for successful outcomes

Module 6 – Achieving Goals through People

  • Agreeing on clear expectations
    • Setting group norms for yourself and your team
    • How your expectations influence others
    • Establishing shared purpose and mutual accountability
  • Amplifying individual contributions through synergistic teamwork
    • Creating an environment conducive to collaboration
    • Practical and productive team-building techniques
  • Helping your team work more productively
    • Enhancing communication through a three-layer model
    • The importance of team dynamics and diversity

Module 7 – A Proactive Approach to Managing Performance

  • Enabling and supporting excellent performance
    • Developing others to achieve their potential
    • Focusing performance through effective measures
    • Utilising continuous appraisal techniques
    • Integrating coaching and appraisal to build performance
  • Effectively managing workplace disruption
    • Intervening when performance goers off track
    • Reinforcing and redirecting behaviours with constructive feedback

Module 8 – Applying Your Management Style

  • Starting with the end in mind
  • Creating momentum and flexibility in your team
  • Keeping the future in focus
  • Crafting your personal approach to management
  • Taking action to implement your personal goals
  • Challenging organisational constraints

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