Nutrition in the Early Years

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What is the Nutrition in The Early Years course?

This online course is an affordable study option for anyone with a keen interest in child nutrition. You could be working in a variety of childcare settings, catering for young children or a parent who’d like to learn more about the subject. Either way, our course content will be of value. Invest in this Nutrition in The Early Years course and you’ll find out how to provide a healthy balanced diet, and the benefits this can have for growing bodies and minds.

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Nutrition in the Early Years

Nutrition and instilling a healthy, balanced diet is key to a growing body. Learn the benefits a healthy diet has on a child's body and mind with this course.

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Who is it for

Is the Nutrition in The Early Years course right for me?

While many of our childcare short courses are designed to suit aspiring or current childcare professionals, the fascinating content in this course is also of value to anyone with an interest in catering for children in their workplace or parents looking to create a healthy diet for their children at home. This flexible online course can be taken as a standalone unit or be part of a wider learning programme with our other focused childcare courses.


What job can I get with a Nutrition in The Early Years course?

This online learning course will arm you with theory and practical ideas you can use at home or in a range of childcare or catering settings. Studying Nutrition In The Early Years is a great way to focus in on an important aspect of childcare for existing as well as aspiring practitioners.

Why study with us

Why study the Nutrition in The Early Years online course with e-Careers?

  • Gain new insight into healthy eating and how you can make positive changes for all the family.
  • Learn from a broad range of content on healthy eating and nutrition, from presentations to additional reading.
  • The opportunity for independent study, with help from resources like the Change4Life website and Healthy Start initiative.
  • A look at healthy eating in the workplace, including voluntary guidelines and mandatory food standards in schools.
  • Study online at a time and place to suit you, using an easy-to-navigate learning platform.
  • One-year access.
  • Complete the course with a multiple choice test and achieve CACHE endorsed certification.

Course Details

What are the Nutrition in the Early Years online course modules?

The content of this course includes:

  • The elements of a healthy diet
  • Food groups and a well-balanced meal
  • Portion sizes
  • Common food allergies
  • Promoting positive eating habits
  • Food phobias in children
  • Ways to address childhood obesity

What does the Nutrition in The Early Years course cover?

  • A look at the core elements that make up a healthy diet and the foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.
  • Go into more depth about different food groups and how to make up a balanced meal.
  • Learn more about portion size and portion control when preparing meals.
  • Examine common food allergies and more about food preferences and intolerances, including possible ‘danger foods’.
  • How you can implement positive and healthy eating habits, and the importance of being a good role model for children who will watch what you do and eat.
  • How you can encourage children to try new ingredients and dishes, and prepare and cook healthy meals, which can help address childhood obesity.

This course is CACHE endorsed through Laser Learning, an official e-Careers partner.

CACHE Endorsed certificate(s) included.

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