SAP FI - Financial Reports
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SAP FI - Financial Reports

SAP FI - Financial Reports


What is the SAP FI - Financial Reports online course?

SAP is a globally used enterprise software system relied on by many types of businesses to ensure smooth running and efficient customer relations. This great value online course has been expertly designed to introduce those who need to use SAP FI at work to all they need to know to get up and running with SAP FI Financial Reports.

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Who is it for

Is the SAP FI - Financial Reports online course right for me?

All training takes place online, making this an ideal option for busy professionals who need to fit their continuing professional development around their existing commitments.

The flexibility eLearning offers also makes this the perfect solution for businesses who wish to provide training for their employees. With no deadlines to meet or weekly class to travel to, the learning experience is firmly in the hands of the student.


How can I advance my career with a SAP FI - Financial Reports online course? ­

Investing in your professional development by getting started with SAP FI reports is a bankable skill that will get you noticed by employers.

Why study with us

Why study the SAP FI - Financial Reports online course with e-Careers?

  • Study the seven hours of course content on all your internet-enabled devices, 24/7.
  • Technical support is on hand, should you encounter problems.
  • eLearning represents a cost and time effective way of improving your SAP Financials skillset.
  • Recap and revisit your learning whenever you like within the 12-month time frame you have access to the course.
  • Enjoy a learning-by-doing experience using real SAP screens.

Course Details

What are the SAP FI - Financial Reports online course modules?

Achieve SAP success by working through the seven hours of hands-on course content, with topics including:

Accounts Payable:

  • Vendor line items report (FBL1N).
  • Vendor balance report (FK10N).
  • Vendor balance report (S_ALR_87012082).
  • Vendor business report (S_ALR_87012093).
  • Vendor open items due date forecast (S_ALR_87012084).
  • Due date analysis for open items (S_ALR_87012078).
  • Vendor list (S_ALR_87012086).

Accounts Receivable:

  • Customer line items report (FBL5N).
  • Customer line items report (S_ALR_87012197).
  • Customer balance report (FD10N).
  • Customer balance report (S_ALR_87012178).
  • Customer open items overdue report (S_ALR_87012178).
  • Customer open items date forecast (S_ALR_87012175).
  • Customer account analysis report (FD11).
  • Customer sales report (S_ALR_87012186).
  • Transaction figures: account balance (S_ALR_87012169).
  • Due date analysis for open items (S_ALR_87012168).
  • Customer list (S_ALR_87012179).

General Ledger:

  • Account line items report (S_ALR_87012282).
  • Balance sheet & P/L statement report (S_ALR_87012284).
  • Cash flow statement report (S_ALR_87012271).
  • Chart of accounts report (S_ALR_87012326).
  • Financial statement: Plan/actual comparison (S_ALR_86000029).
  • Document journal (S_ALR_87012287).
  • Line item journal (S_ALR_87012291).

New G/L Reports:

  • Account line items report New (FBL3N-FAGLL03).
  • Account balances report New (FS10N-FAGLB03).
  • G/L account balances New (S_ALR_87012277).

What does the SAP FI - Financial Reports online course cover?

Over seven detailed hours of learning you will benefit from a comprehensive introduction to the most commonly used SAP FI reports. By the end of the course you will have achieved a good working knowledge of accounts payable reports, accounts receivable reports, general ledger reports and new G/L reports.

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SAP FI - Financial Reports

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