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What is the Teaching Assistant Core online course?

Our Teaching Assistant Core Package introduces students to four core subjects that can help them to understand what it takes to be an effective Teaching Assistant, including how to fulfil the role of Teaching Assistant, Managing Behaviour, Observing Children and Safeguarding. These are the core concepts that are required to be a successful Teaching Assistant so you can provide support and guidance to children within a school setting.

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Teaching Assistant Core

Learn the core concepts that are required to be a successful Teaching Assistant with this package.

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Package includes

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    The Level 2 Teaching Assistant course will equip you with the necessary knowledge and experience to become a Teaching Assistant.

  • Was £85  Now £68

    With observing children a key requirement in many childcare roles, you’ll find this online course and additional resources valuable as you work towards your childcare career goals.

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    Manage and promote good behaviour and discipline in your setting, whether that be at home or professional, with this Managing Behaviour course.

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    Understand the importance of safeguarding and what to do if you are concerned a child is being abused with this Introduction to Safeguarding.

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    Who is it for

    Is the Teaching Assistant Core online course right for me?

    The Teaching Assistant Core online course is ideal for anyone who is looking to become a Teaching Assistant, or anyone who is currently training as a Teaching Assistant but wants to build their knowledge and skillset. If you have dreamt of working with children since you were a school-age child yourself, what’s stopping you from achieving it right now?


    How can the Teaching Assistant Core online course advance my career?

    The Teaching Assistant Core course offers the skills, knowledge and certifications to help you build a career as a Teaching Assistant. If you are looking to get into education full-time, this course will set the foundations for you to be able to just that.

    Why study with us

    Why study the Teaching Assistant Core online course with e-Careers?

    • Study online with courseware that is compatible with a range of devices and platforms.
    • Courseware is available 24/7,365 days a year – pick up the syllabus at times that are convenient to you.
    • Valid for a full 12 months, so there’s no need to rush; take your time and absorb all the information.
    • Use a variety of learning aid, including presentations, tutorials, videos, extra reading, quizzes and end-of-unit assessments.
    • Course completion certificate once you have completed all the training.
    • Build your knowledge base and skill set and give prospective employers a reason to hire you.

    Course Details

    What modules are included in the Teaching Assistant Core online course?

    • Level 2 Teaching Assistant (CPD Certified)
    • CACHE Endorsed – Introduction to Safeguarding
    • CACHE Endorsed – Managing Behaviour
    • CACHE Endorsed – Observing Children

    What does the Teaching Assistant Core online course cover?

    • Learn how to provide top quality support and guidance in a classroom setting, with our CPD Certified Level 3 TA course. Prove yourself to be an asset for both the staff you support and the children you care for.
    • Work through material provided by the Level 3 Managing Behaviour course, covering aspects including the positive behaviour policy, positive relationships and strategies that can be implemented to promote good behaviour.
    • Understand what is required to successfully observe children, including the two types of observation that exist (formative and summative), realistic expectations that should be considered and how observation and evaluation can help a child to reach their next developmental stage.
    • Recognise the importance of safeguarding, how to promote it in your learning environment, and how to report safeguarding concerns in accordance with the policies and procedures that are in place.

    CACHE Endorsed Certification is available upon completion of all courses within the package, certification fee is included.

    Note: Certificates must be applied within 3 months of course completion.

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