Brilliant Public Speaker

Brilliant Public Speaker

Banish your public speaking fears with our Brilliant Public Speaker course that will soon have you delivering presentations, nailing wedding speeches and acing interviews with the ease and confidence you’ve always envied in others. A lucky few have the natural ability to get up and address a room full of people with poise but the truth is most of the accomplished public speakers who inspire and influence others share a secret – namely that the valuable life skill of being a brilliant public speaker is something that can be learned, and what’s more, it’s easy when you know how!

How Does The Course Work?

As the course is delivered online, there are no heart-stopping moments when you have to stand up and talk to a roomful of people before you feel ready. The course contains hundreds of tips and techniques, delivered by leading experts and based on research from world-leading companies like Coca Cola, Gillette, Disney, Microsoft and more. Their advice will unlock the door to you reaching your true potential in life by mastering this crucial skill. After all, as anyone who’s ever watched Dragon’s Den knows, sometimes it’s not what you say but the way that you say it! And even if you do have great ideas to share, no one will listen unless you deliver them with confidence.

But Public Speaking Makes Me So Nervous!

You’re not alone. Research has shown that for some people, their fear of public speaking is worse than their fear of death! But whether your fear takes the form of nerves as you stand up to address a room or a full blown phobia, the tips and techniques covered in our 20 chapters of sensible, easy to follow advice really will conquer your problems by giving you the key to this life-changing skill that really can mean the difference between failure and success.

Key Learning Points

Let our leading speakers, bookers and coaches teach you how to be a brilliant public speaker in the comfort of your own home.

  • What’s the purpose of your speech? Find out why this should always be the first question you ask yourself.
  • Find out more about the empowering and inspiring benefits of public speaking.
  • Our great guide will show you how to banish presentation nerves forever.
  • In Choosing Your Subject, find out how to focus and deliver a clear speech.
  • Explore the importance of preparation, rehearsal and dress codes.
  • The first few seconds are critical – find out how to master opening your speech.
  • Memorising content can be tricky but not with our handy techniques.
  • Timing is everything. Learn how to make it work for you as you engage with your audience.
  • Move on to mastering delivery style and building rapport with your audience.
  • Made a mistake? It’s not the end of the world. Find out how to recover and move on with style.
  • We’ve all been at a presentation where technology lets the speaker down. Learn how to avoid this in Death By PowerPoint.
  • Find out how to close your speech with flair.
  • Lead Up, Seating Arrangements and Dealing With Late Comers cover these important but often-forgotten areas that can flummox the unprepared speaker.
  • Master how to use a stage and a microphone. No more uncomfortable shifting around and nervous tapping!
  • Your audience will always be prone to drifting off as they wonder what to have for tea tonight. Learn how to not just get their attention but keep it.

Advantages of this course

  • Banish nerves and make confident speeches with superb PowerPoint slides.
  • Impress your audience and employers with your poise and professionalism.
  • Tough crowd? Your new skills mean that this won’t faze you.
  • Package is recommended by top recruitment agencies including Reed and Total Jobs and has been featured by the BBC and the Daily Mail.
  • No longer shy aware from public speaking or meeting new people in your personal life – yes you can be Best Man at that wedding!
  • Amaze at job interviews, work meetings or business presentations with your confidence and perfect delivery.
  • Your new identity as a fantastic public speaker will make you stand out from the crowd and lift your career prospects to exciting new levels.

Broaden your horizons and set yourself on the path to career and life success today by signing up for our Brilliant Public Speaker course.

  • Purpose of a Speech
  • Benefits of Public Speaking
  • Banish presentation nerves
  • Choosing Your Subject
  • Preparation
  • Rehearsal
  • Dress Codes
  • Opening the Speech
  • Memorising Content
  • Timing
  • Delivery Style
  • Building Rapport
  • Making Mistakes
  • Death by Powerpoint
  • Closing a speech
  • The Lead Up
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Dealing with Latecomers
  • Using a Stage
  • Microphones
  • Keeping Interest Levels
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