4.8 out of 5 based on 14008 reviews

4.8/5 from 14008 Reviews

Skillsolve Talent


We train thousands of individuals every year, and many of them are actively seeking new employment opportunities. As part of our cause, we provide our business clients access to our pool of hungry, talented and trained candidates for free, encouraging employment and growth opportunities for both our learners and businesses alike.

Find the perfect fit for your team with skilled candidates from e-Careers.

No recruitment fees, just talented individuals ready to excel.

We are proud to have trained individuals who work for some of the world’s largest companies.

Royal Air Force
Bank of England

Key features of Skillsolve Talent

Unlike a conventional recruitment agency, our approach is centred on identifying and nurturing talented candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to their professional development.

Key features of Skillsolve Talent

Here’s why our candidates stand out

Here are some of the reasons why e-Careers learned candidates are an ideal
candidate for your organisation.

Dedication and investment in personal growth

Our candidates have invested hundreds to thousands of pounds in their training through e-Careers, directly from their own finances. This not only exhibits their dedication but also their willingness to invest in their future success.

Dedication and investment in personal growth

Productivity and loyalty through commitment

Employers gain employees who are committed to personal growth and professional development. This level of determination often translates into a higher level of productivity and loyalty to the company.

Productivity and loyalty through commitment

Adaptable part-time study and time management skills

A significant number of our candidates have pursued their studies on a part-time basis. This reflects their ability to balance multiple priorities and their drive to improve their skills amidst life’s other responsibilities. This shows employers that they are adaptable, possess good time management skills, and are likely to be more resilient and capable of handling stress effectively.

Adaptable part-time study and time management skills

Tailored candidate selection process

Our team spends months working with each candidate, building a strong rapport and gaining an in-depth understanding of their skills, strengths, and competencies. We ensure only the most suitable candidates are introduced to employers.

Tailored candidate selection process

Fit for company culture

Employers receive a curated selection of candidates who are not only skilled but are a good fit for the company culture. This reduces the time and resources typically spent on the recruitment process.

Fit for company culture

Current and relevant industry knowledge

Being educated by e-Careers, our candidates are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in their respective fields. We ensure their training is current and relevant to today’s industry needs.

Current and relevant industry knowledge

Driving innovation and competitiveness

Employers benefit from having employees who can bring fresh, innovative ideas and modern approaches to their roles, thus driving the company forward in a competitive market.

Driving innovation and competitiveness
Skillsolve Talent is the ideal solution for companies looking for cost effective hiring solutions.

Our service is especially suited for businesses that:

Seek a hiring alternative without the steep recruitment fees, providing an economical option without compromising on quality.
Wish to onboard candidates who, though might have limited experience, but are highly motivated, well-trained, and eager to prove themselves in the professional world.
Are interested in hiring apprentices or graduates, aiming to nurture talent from an early stage and mould them into valuable long-term assets for their organisation.
Our mission is to bridge the gap between motivated, skilled individuals and companies looking to hire not just for the role today, but for the potential of what they can achieve tomorrow.

Why work with e-Careers

The course content, materials and Shane's delivery was exceptional. Shane facilitated some excellent discussion and brought the subject to life for us. The course content is extremely relevantto the national portfolio we are trying to establish to transform Urgent & Emergency Care in Wales.lt was reassuring that some of the approaches, tools and methodologies already in play are the right ones. MoP has enabled as to bring a further sense of order, sequence and critical path to our framework and plans.”



Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training - As for the course itself I found Shaneto be very knowledgeable about the topic. The information provided was detailed to a good standard which was easy to follow. I think moving forward it has given me a good method for working through faults using the DMAIC frame work.I would recommend this course to my colleagues as it is a good bench mark for understanding Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen methodologies.”



In regard to the training, David was amazing! Great at adapting the content to suit the diverse range of subject staff and managers in the room. The examples used were relevant, content explained comprehensively, and I feel everybody is now able to look at how they can bring some elements of Agile or the whole PM solution into their practise. I too really enjoyed it and have learnt a lot over the past two days, it has been extremely useful.”



Having reorganised the project management function within our business, we decided to invest in training for our team. After reviewing a range of training providers, we decided that e-Careers provided as with the best option. The whole process of working with e-Careers was seamless and feedback regarding the quality of the training provided has been uniformly excellent. It has given our project managers the ideal preparation to go on and obtain professional accreditation. I would unhesitatingly recommend e-Careers to anyone looking to upskill their staff.”



The course content and material was good and applicable to the course. The break times away from the screen and content was required. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the course and other related aspects. I have gained valuable knowledge during the course and the taking some of these back to my place of work, noticeably SS and Kaizen. The course director was excellent in delivering the content and kept all participants involved. The account management side of this that I have been involved in have been well dealt with well.”



e-Careers came out top of our list of companies we looked at for having an efficient and cost effective delivery programme supported by their promise of a high pass rate. Their knowledgeable and calm approach during the discussions gave us confidence in their ability to take this training on. We have now put over 60 people through their Lean programme and their engagement, support and understanding of the subject has been unsurpassed. Feedback on the course content and their trainers has been excellent from participants and e-Careers continue to provide revision and exam support to our colleagues after the training.”



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