Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Improve your knowledge of nutrition and weight management with this in depth course. As well as providing a grounding in the core principles of the subject, this course is perfect for those considering a career as a nutritionist or fitness expert and is a useful tool to progress to more advanced learning. The course is written by a health and fitness professional, and a personal trainer, and will give students a sound understanding of good nutrition and how to balance this with an active lifestyle.

Anyone who wants to improve their general health and well-being will benefit by taking this course. The obesity epidemic has increased the demand for professionals in health, nutrition and fitness, and this course could be your first step on the road to a new career.


By taking this course you will add to what you already know, gain a better understanding of a healthy diet, nutrition and lifestyle, and then perhaps take your knowledge even further and progress to a career as a nutritionist or health and fitness professional.

This course focuses on:

  1. An introduction to nutrition and weight management - Learn the basics of nutrition and how eating well impacts on health and weight, plus the importance of balancing energy intake and expenditure.
  2. Food digestion, vitamins and minerals - Learn how food is digested and processed by the body, and how it absorbs macro and micro nutrients including vitamins and minerals.
  3. Making sense of food labels - Learn how to read food labels and what they mean
  4. The effects of obesity - An in depth look at the obesity, one of the most dangerous health risks we face today, and its effect on the population, as well as an exploration of the role of exercise in weight management.


By taking courses such as ‘Diet & Nutrition’ you will add to what you may know currently, gain a better understanding of a healthy diet, nutrition and lifestyle then perhaps take your knowledge even further and progress to a career as a nutritionist or health and fitness professional. This course has huge benefits, not only for your own health and wellbeing, but for those around you too:

  • An improved understanding of diet and nutrition
  • Learn cutting edge information from nutrition and fitness experts
  • Improve your own general health and well being
  • Advance your career prospects
  • Learn at your own pace and really understand each module

If you simply want to improve your knowledge of nutrition, diet and wellness, or you’re thinking of a change of career, buy now – this course is designed for you.

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  • The course provider has made every effort to keep the course content up-to-date and factually correct.

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