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e-Careers has worked with
the Energy Managers Association (EMA) to create
The e-Careers Communicate +
Energy Efficiency Platform

Energy now represents one of the most significant operating costs for a business, and a successful energy efficiency drive can deliver multiple benefits, including:

  • Significantly reduced operating costs
  • More competitive proposition to customers
  • Lower carbon emissions

Being a leader in the edtech industry, e-Careers is already a proven specialist in the development and integration of technologies to aid growth, development and transformation of companies. Leaning on such knowledge and experience, e-Careers has worked with the Energy Managers Association (EMA) to create the e-Careers Communicate+ Energy Efficiency Platform. This unique tool allows companies to:

  • Educate the whole workforce from a centralised system
  • Deliver industry leading e-learning which can be studied anytime, anywhere on any device
  • Monitor and reporting on uptake and progress
  • Drive staff to create localised actions to realise real energy efficiencies
  • Instantly communicate with staff across multiple devices, to continually reinforce behavioural change

Companies adopting the platform have realised a 5% - 7.5% reduction in their annual energy costs

Companies adopting the platform have realised a 5% - 7.5% reduction in their annual energy costs Energy efficiency is often seen as a process of simply replacing inefficient products and systems with efficient products and building control systems. Energy efficiency programmes that target behavioural change as well can increase the benefits realised by 66% and is the most cost effective form of energy efficiency.

Why is the e-Careers Communicate+ Energy Efficiency Platform different from other programmes?

The e-Careers Communicate+ Energy Efficiency Platform resolves these issues through its process of educate, review, do and renew and the targeted communication throughout the life of the programme.


The platform allows companies to quickly on-board their staff to an education programme. The training has been designed to meet the requirements of the EMA Level 1 and Level 2 Low Energy Company framework and can be provided as standalone training or an accredited solution. The state of the art E-Learning programme is delivered using online, mobile and off-line learning, whereby staff are taken on a journey from comprehending global energy issues and renewable energy to a clear comprehension on workplace energy use and equipping them on how they can play a role in driving energy efficiency in their day to day lives.

Overall, the course contains 2 hours of CPD certified learning. Both Apple iOS and Android apps are available.


Staff interaction levels with the programme can be reviewed and then those falling behind the expected adoption rate, can be prompted from one central point. This ensures that the company wide learning needed for a successful change in behaviour is reached in optimum time.


The platform contains a centralised messaging system to instantly communicate with the users. Pre-set prompts remind staff about quick wins that they can carry out (light switches at the end of the day, not leaving phone chargers plugged into the wall, closing windows in air-conditioned offices etc.), also bespoke messages can easily be created and delivered to selected groups of users instantaneously. All messages are delivered in the most appropriate format to achieve maximum impact, from emails to push notifications.


Access to the platform and all learning is available for 12 months. This allows the whole workforce to renew their knowledge of the "educate" part of the programme at set intervals throughout the year.

New starters, staff who move facilities or those that change job roles can simply pick the training up afresh and use it as an aide when reviewing their new situation.

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