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10 tech whizzes from movies

If you’re gifted and have a good ability with technology, then you have a future-proof career ahead of you. If not, then it’s not too late to join this exciting and rewarding industry. Here’s our list of tech whizzes from movies. Look how many different industries there are; from Artificial Intelligence to vehicle manufacturing and logistics. Technology is everywhere these days and the advancements mean that more professionals will be in-demand as time goes on.

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1. Ferris Bueller – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris is a little bit of a hacker, truth be told. Before he kicks off the shenanigans of his truancy on the last day of absence before graduation, Bueller uses his computer, an old-school IBM PC XT, to remotely clean his school registration records. It makes him look like he’s been there the whole time. All this tech nous in 1986 when the film was released, way ahead of his time!

2. Trinity – The Matrix Franchise

Trinity was a breakthrough character, not just in literal terms for the hacking she did, but also for equality. She cracked the I.R.S network which she gained legendary status and notoriety for. She was also able to add a feminine touch to the world of technology which had previously been dominated by males, providing an influence for girls and ladies everywhere to raise their interest in all things tech and hacking.

3. Tony Stark – Ironman & The Marvel Universe

Inherited his Father’s genius gene and ran Stark Industries himself upon his Father’s death. Initially, the company made weapons, but when Stark found out the weapons were being sold to terrorists he ceased trading and designed, developed and built the Ironman suit which helped him to fight crime worldwide. He is also the mastermind behind his own AI Assistant, Jarvis, who supports him as Ironman. By the way, he didn’t make one Ironman suit, he made loads!

4. Q – James Bond Franchise

The brains behind Bond’s gadgets. Q provided Bond with all the reasons that guys wanted to be 007 – except for the women. He designed and developed Bond’s techie gadgets and even gave handy demonstrations when necessary. Q added Classics like the Aston Martin Vanquish’s flashy extras, the Car Invisibility Cloak and the Ring Camera which have all been key in helping Bond take down his foes.

5. Gru – Despicable Me

This man shrunk the actual moon. That’s reason enough for him to be on this list. He created a machine that can shrink objects and he was able to shrink the moon. That’s good enough for him to be on this list alone. No? Fine, suit yourselves. He also created the Minions that are so associated with the Despicable Me series through his amazing understanding of technology and cloning. He also built a prototype rocket completely from macaroni, an invention which did not receive an impressed reaction from his mother.

6. Dr. Emmett Brown – Back to the Future

Creator of possibly the most iconic car and time travelling premise in history. “Doc Brown” built a time machine out of a DeLorean and managed to master the entire premise, including how the world changes if you alter an event in history. Sometimes shown as absent-mind, but genius nonetheless, Doc Brown has won awards for his work and inventions.

7. Flynn – Tron

Flynn is a computer programmer who created best-selling video games. His talents didn’t stop there as he is also about to crack networks and hunt down stolen code as an ethical hacker too. His skills as a programmer led him to making ENCOM the biggest gaming company in the world, before things went wrong. He is able to transport himself to the digital realm to battle his own video games and those of his colleagues to stop any more damage.

8. Miles Dyson – Terminator Franchise

Dyson was the inventor of the neural-net processer which would lead to the development of Skynet, a computer A.I. that was meant to defend America through controlling its weapons. Things went wrong when Skynet seized control of the world and tried to eradicate humanity. Despite the negative outcome, Dyson was able to create a functioning and self-aware AI that was ground-breaking for its time.

9. Syndrome – The Incredibles

Syndrome used his technological intelligence to give himself superpowers. He didn’t have powers to become a superhero and was shunned by Mr Incredible. Syndrome used his superior intellect to create machines and gadgets that could help him to get revenge on Mr Incredible and the superheroes who had rejected him. It is a bit of a tragic tale, but you can’t take that away from the fact that Syndrome is clever.

10. Anakin Skywalker – Star Wars

In his early years before he started his stroppy teenager phase, and evolving into the most recognisable villain in film history, Anakin was a tech prodigy. He built C3PO, a droid programmed for etiquette and human relations, from scratch and he also built his race winning pod-racer in The Phantom Menace. In his later years, his tech intelligence would shine through again as he oversaw the building of the Death Star.

That was our 10 tech whizzes from movies, how many do you recognise?

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