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4.8/5 from 14076 Reviews

4 digital skills we soon won't be able to live without

In today’s modern workplace, digital skills are highly valued, however future predictions suggest these services will soon become absolutely vital. With the digital age expanding into all aspects of our lives, areas of change won’t be limited to the IT sector. To survive this new brave world, employees must be cross-disciplined, as recruiters across all industries will be actively seeking a wider skillset from candidates.

Recent advances in the digital landscape versus the amount of people trained to work in this sector, has resulted in a growing digital skills gap. However, with this gap has come an opportunity for people of all ages to jump into new and more lucrative roles, creating an extremely rewarding marketplace for digitally-skilled individuals.

If you plan to stay ahead, becoming a ‘native speaker’ of the digital language is essential. That said, e-Careers reveals the top four digital skills that are quickly becoming a crucial addition to your CV:


Coding is a must-have skill for the future - as Marc Goodman once wrote “If you control the code, you control the world”, with companies across a range of industries now including it as a prerequisite for job applicants.

As the world becomes increasingly integrated with digital technology, it’s evident that the employees of tomorrow will need to become skilled Coders, particularly when you consider it’s now part of many school curriculums being taught to children as young as five.

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Programming and Web Development

In the ever-changing world of computer technology, programming offers an exciting and challenging environment where the principles implemented by Programmers today will influence how we define the technologies of the future. Many large organizations are now creating their own proprietary apps, which means any skills you can provide in programming and web development are likely to prove invaluable.

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Digital Marketing

As individuals continue to consume more digital content, whether it be on their mobile phones, laptops or desktop computers, companies have begun to recognise that their marketing strategies need to adapt, and quickly. As a result, the demands from advertisers, consumers and employers are increasing daily.

What are the challenges in Digital Marketing? 

It’s vital that your skillset reflects this demand, whether you’re a social media guru, a content king or SEO savvy - offering any one or all of those skills will make you indispensable to prospective employers eager to keep their finger on the pulse.

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Cyber Security

The recent ransomware cyber-attack on the NHS, which caused nationwide chaos, left many organisations worried about how vulnerable their own systems might be to a similar situation. It goes without saying that IT skills should be a staple entry on any CV, but when it comes to tackling the more complex, evolving issues surrounding cyber security, anyone who can offer specialist knowledge which will help protect a company’s applications and networks will be a welcome and invaluable addition to the team.

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