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What are the challenges in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a popular career choice for graduates and those looking for a career change into a face-paced and exciting industry. There is a continuous demand for digital marketers in the UK, which means that salaries and job prospects for digital marketers are good. 

What are the challenges in Digital Marketing?

As digital marketing evolves as a discipline, roles for digital marketers are becoming more specialist. Companies interested in maximising their online sales are aware of the need for skilled digital marketing professionals with strong capabilities in the areas of digital that will drive their businesses forward. 

In this article, we explore some of the latest trends in digital marketing and examine some of the challenges that affect digital marketing as a field. Finally, we’ll explore some of the digital marketing courses you can take to get started in this industry as a professional marketer. 

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Latest Digital Marketing trends

Digital marketing is a fast-moving industry, so you must keep up with the latest digital marketing techniques, topics, channels, and platforms. Here we will investigate some of the digital marketing trends you should be aware of in 2021: 

Artificial Intelligence - Artificial Intelligence (AI) can easily be applied to digital marketing technology and is not going away! Brands utilise AI to gain insight into their customers and market to them effectively. With the help of AI, companies can sift through large amounts of data and make accurate judgements and predictions of customer behaviour. 

Video Marketing - While video marketing has been used to great effect over the last few years, the popularity of video marketing is set to continue this year and beyond. Many companies are investing in professionals specifically with video editing/content creation skills to make high quality and engaging video content - often with just a mobile phone and an editing app. 

Influencer Marketing - The power of social media 'influencers' to drive sales and interest in brands is as strong today as it has ever been, despite suggestions that the pandemic has negatively impacted the demand for influencers. While influencers must ensure there's transparency regarding the products they are paid to promote, social media influencers remain essential for brands to access their desired target audiences. 

Virtual Chatbots - Like Artificial Intelligence, more and more companies will be investing in virtual chatbots over the next couple of years. As large numbers of retailers move away from the traditional high street, virtual chatbots will become an essential way to communicate directly with customers, providing customer assistance from a distance. Where customers demand instant communication, chatbots will be implemented to provide immediate answers to customer queries. 

Instagram Reels - Instagram reels are like the videos shared on other platforms such as TikTok and are an excellent way to produce and share engaging content. Reels frequently involve text, music and filters and can be up to 30 seconds long. While other Instagram features such as stories will continue to be used widely, more brands will experiment with creating reels to market their products on this app. 

Personalised Marketing - The benefits of personalised digital marketing are widely known and include targeted ads that are personalised to the user and email marketing, including details such as the customer’s name. Successful brands are aware that a one size fits all approach does not work when it comes to generating engagement and sales and that a tailored approach is best when it comes to digital communications. 

SEO - As search engines remain drivers of traffic to e-commerce websites, it is understandable that SEO (search engine optimisation) will continue to be of vital importance to brands’ digital marketing strategies. This year we expect SEO to become hyperlocal, meaning that customers will find it easier than ever to find goods and services in their specific local areas. 

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Challenges affecting Digital Marketing 

There are many trends that marketers can employ as part of their digital strategies. One of the main challenges affecting those working in digital marketing is the fast change of pace that requires digital marketers to always be ‘on the ball’ to keep ahead of their competitors. 

Other issues that digital marketers must be aware of include data privacy and GDPR, which prevent consumers from having their data mishandled by companies using personal information to make money. Copyright of digital assets such as photography and video content is another issue that digital marketers should be aware of. 

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Digital Marketing Courses

There are many digital marketing courses available from a wide range of training providers. Not all these courses will give you a recognised qualification, highly regarded by employers, helping support your applications for digital marketing job roles. 

Here at e-Careers, we offer a range of digital marketing training courses from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), including: 

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