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5 potential Bookkeeping jobs

A qualification in Bookkeeping is an excellent way to start an exciting new career journey in different fields, including Accounting, Business, and Finance. Whether you see yourself as a number’s person or not, taking a Bookkeeping training course is a great way to enhance your career prospects.

In this article, we explore what Bookkeeping is and the benefits of a career in Bookkeeping. We will also review the benefits of Bookkeeping and provide five potential career paths for those with a qualification in Bookkeeping.

Finally, we will show you how you can kickstart your career in Bookkeeping.

What is Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping refers to the occupation of recording a company’s financial transaction to ensure that the ‘books’ (or company accounts) are balanced. Bookkeepers play an important role to ensure that companies are clear on their financial situation. Many Bookkeepers will have multiple clients, and there are many career opportunities for qualified Bookkeeping professionals.

As part of their responsibilities, Bookkeepers often work with a range of financial documents, including:

  •  Sales ledgers
  •  Purchase ledgers
  •  General ledgers
  •  Journals
  •  Bank reconciliations
  •  Invoices
  •  Statements
  •  Remittances                      

Benefits of a career in Bookkeeping      

A career in Bookkeeping offers many benefits, including career stability and opportunities to progress to different (more senior) job roles.

As nearly every company has accounts that need to be balanced, there is always a demand for skilled Bookkeepers, either as full-time staff members or as part-time freelancers.

Many freelance Bookkeepers can choose their hours and work around other commitments. Another benefit of a career in Bookkeeping is that you will gain a good understanding of financial matters relating to company books, which means you could move into other similar careers such as Finance, after some experience working as a Bookkeeper.     

Is a Bookkeeping job the same as an Accountant?

Bookkeeping is often confused with accounting; however, these two roles are very different. While a Bookkeeping course is ideal for providing a good overview of the main processes involved in Bookkeeping, a career in Accounting requires more study, which can take a few years.

While there is a degree of overlap between the two roles, Accountants generally manage and analyse financial data, to make appropriate financial decisions. Bookkeepers, on the other hand, are more concerned with ensuring the company’s accounts are balanced correctly.

Explore the differences between Bookkeeping and Accounting.

5 potential Bookkeeping jobs

Accounting Technician - Accounting Technician is one of the jobs that a Bookkeeper might aspire to become. An accounting Technician typically works on behalf of an Accountant, collating the necessary documents for them. As an Accounting Technician, you may be responsible for tasks like the company payroll.

Accountant - Many Bookkeepers eventually work towards becoming Accountants. Once you complete the required certification, you can apply for accounting jobs, even without a degree. After many years of experience and study, you may even become a Chartered Accountant.

Business Owner - A Bookkeeping qualification would also suit individuals who are interested in running their own business. Bookkeeping will give you a good head for numbers and an awareness of the importance of balancing the company’s accounts.

Business Analyst - Finally, an understanding of Bookkeeping processes and techniques would benefit anyone aspiring to become a Business Analyst. As a Business Analyst, you will advise companies on how to make savings and boost profit opportunities.

Bookkeeper - Most obviously, completing a Bookkeeping qualification can help you launch a career in Bookkeeping. You will work either within a company or as a freelancer to balance the books. After several years of working as a Bookkeeper, you may wish to progress to other roles.

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