4.8 out of 5 based on 14150 reviews

4.8/5 from 14150 Reviews

Carving a career in networking? Here's how Cisco can help

What do a Forbes 500 company, an engineering firm and a tech start-up have in common? They all need network administrators to manage their computer systems.

It doesn’t matter what sector a business falls into, almost all rely on computers and most, an IT network, to get things done.

A career in networking can be one of the most flexible and diverse around.

While larger companies have IT departments - or at least a team of experts they outsource to - small businesses may only have one trained networker on their books.

But with the explosion of business openings - 80 per hour in the UK in 2016, according to StartUp Britain - trained networkers are increasingly in demand.

Opportunities in Networking

Once you’ve got your qualifications under your belt, you have the choice of walking into a large organisation with all the career progression that offers - top positions like systems analyst or network engineer can come quickly down the line.

Or if you dream of working for yourself, there’s the chance to set up on your own, and service several smaller companies at once with the flexibility and freedom that offers. Plus it’s a sure-fire way to help a company grow.

Because if a network administrator gets their job right, it means someone else can do their's efficiently and effectively. And which business doesn’t need that? Basically, it’s about as secure as a career gets.

Upskilling with Cisco

Cisco, the Silicon Valley tech conglomerate, the biggest in the world, can help you upskill to get to where you need to be. It develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecoms equipment and other high-tech products.

But its aim is to create a pool of trained computer networking specialists, improving career prospects and economic opportunities across the world.

Since 1997, it’s been providing education and training in 165 different countries.

e-Careers.com offers scores of courses, suitable whether you’re an established networking professional or you’re just starting out.

Modules get students up to speed to sit the gold-standard CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate - and CCNP - Cisco Certified Network Professional - exams, as well as offering vital preparation for Cisco’s CICD course.

Need to become competent installing, operating and troubleshooting a small branch network? Keen to learn the tools of security courseware? Need to know more about routing and switching? Whether you’re building a network from scratch or want to improve the one you’ve got, there are Cisco courses for you.

Head to our Networking and IT pages to explore the options.

Five reasons to consider a career in networking with Cisco courses

1. You’ll learn as you go along - no two networks are the same, so whatever company you join, expect lots of on-the-job training and a growing skills set.

2. You can work in almost any industry - from food to finance, charities to education, pick your sector, and they’ll need a network administrator.

3. You’re in demand - with the number of new businesses springing up, entry-level salaries can be upwards of £35,000, rising to £80,000 for experienced professionals.

4. It can open up new career paths - for experienced network administrators, a job as a network engineer or systems analyst beckons

5. You’ll get to think outside the box - with new problems come new solutions. Every day you’ll be learning something new.

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