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Accounting jobs in demand

Accounting can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia. Modern accounting has been an essential element of running a successful business for centuries. Accountants (and other accounting professionals) play a key role in the day-to-day function of an organisation, irrespective of size and as such, a career in finance and accounting makes for a great career choice, with good earning potential, great career progression and healthy bonus schemes.

In this article, we explore the most in-demand accounting jobs and discuss why you should consider a career in accounting.

Accounting jobs in demand

Businesses are newly formed, and others evolve from SMEs to larger organisations frequently. As such, the roles of accounting professionals are (and most likely will always be) in high demand.

Below we have outlined a few accounting jobs in demand. If you are looking to train towards a career in this sector, one of the career choices below would be a great starting point.

  •    Bookkeeper
  •    Auditor
  •    Accountant
  •    Financial Analyst
  •    Finance Controller

Accounting career examples


Bookkeepers are responsible for producing accurate financial information about a company. For the most part, Bookkeepers reports go directly to the managers and business owners to help them make sound financial decisions.

Average salary - £27,000

Find out how to become a Bookkeeper.


Auditors are the specialists responsible for reviewing the accounts of companies to ensure the legality and validity of all financial records. Often an Auditor will act as an advisor, recommending different cost-saving exercises and risk aversion measures a company can make.

Average salary - £29,231


Accountants are responsible for handling financial transactions by recording different financial information. The role of an Accountant can also include financial analysis and reporting, auditing accounts, and preparing tax returns.

Average salary - £29,667

Find out how to become an Accountant.

Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst must research macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions and review company fundamentals to ensure they can make sound industry, sector, and business recommendations. This can include recommending a business buys or sells a company's stock based on its current and predicted strength.

Average salary - £33,551

Finance Controller

The Finance Controller is a pivotal role within an accounting team. This is a senior role responsible for overseeing the accounting function of a company. They must ensure all account records are updated and handled responsibly, and all reports comply with accounting standards.

Average salary - £49,123

(Source: Payscale)

Unsure what an Accountant does daily? We explore a day in the life of an Accountant.

How to get into accounting

There are many jobs you can perform with professional accounting qualifications, including those offered by AAT, CIMA, and Sage.  

Depending on what you would like to do as a career, you will be required to undertake professional training courses to gain the skills, knowledge, and certificates required by employers to move into this sector.

Popular AAT training courses

For those interested in Bookkeeping and Accounting, you would look to study AAT qualifications.

We have outlined our most popular AAT training courses below. Click each link to find out more about the training course. 

Popular CIMA training courses

If you are looking to become a Management Accountant or move into senior accounting roles such as a Finance Director or CEO, CIMA qualifications would be your best option for training.

We have outlined our most popular CIMA qualifications below. Click each link to find out more about the training course. 

Read our interview with a CIMA graduate.

Why opt for a career in Accounting?

If you’re considering a career in finance or accounting, you likely have an interest in general finance, have a head for numbers, or like analysing data.  

This industry is not all about ‘the numbers’ so why should you consider a career as an Accountant?

A career in Accountancy typically offers good job security and stability as there will always be a need for your skills, and it’s difficult to outsource.

The accounting industry offers a wide range of interesting career choices, and you will be playing an important role in improving the country’s overall economic health.

  •    Good earning potential and annual bonuses.
  •    You will likely be part of a wide accounting network of professionals in your field.
  •    You can almost work in any industry and for any business you choose.
  •    As an Accountant, you will be a lifelong learner.
  •    The role of an Accountant is challenging but rewarding.
  •    The industry is known for having integrity and ethics.

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