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4.7/5 from 13863 Reviews

5 reasons to move your business to the Cloud
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5 reasons to move your business to the Cloud

Did you know that every time you update your Facebook or Twitter status you’re operating in the Cloud? If not, you’re not alone! Despite our regular use of ‘the Cloud’ very few people understand what it is, let alone how it can support their business. To put it simply the Cloud is a centralised location on the internet that stores your data anytime, anywhere, from any internet source.

Businesses understandably benefit from the flexibility and accessibility that the Cloud offers, and courses offering comprehensive understanding of Cloud concepts and technologies have been shown to successfully improve business efficiency.

If you’re yet to make the move to the Cloud, here’s 5 key benefits that will change your mind:


Imagine a world where your access to data and applications has no limitations, and where authorised persons can access resources anytime, anyplace from a mobile device. With the Cloud SMEs can engage with and recruit employees anywhere in the world, without having the technological costs associated with opening a new business location… which means the world really could be your oyster!


The Cloud provides around the clock security for your business. If files are lost or computers stolen, your business data remains secure. By implementing Cloud recovery solutions you’ll avoid costly up-front investments and save valuable time.


The Cloud vendor is responsible for maintaining the service, which means you no longer need to pay someone to install software updates, run backups or manage files. For busy SMEs that’s one less thing you have to worry about.


Data sharing with employees who are out of the office is a cumbersome process, that involves email attachments or hard drives sent in the post. However, data sharing becomes an effortless task with the Cloud… just make sure you’ve backed up your documents for additional security, then send across the link.

Business Growth

A move to the Cloud successfully aids business growth, enabling expansion without the associated costs of additional servers and installation of software. Cloud computing is also easier and quicker than buying and running hardware, making it even easier for small businesses to grow quickly and efficiently.

If you’re planning to adopt cloud technologies in your business, and want to improve your understanding of Cloud configuration, e-Careers offers a number of engaging business software and IT courses to benefit business owners and their employees.

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