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Choosing the right AWS Certificate for starting a career in IT

Are you struggling to choose a suitable AWS certificate to kickstart your IT career?

While AWS do not require previous IT knowledge and experiences to get started, it is still important to choose the right course path beforehand.

However, there are numerous options available and deciding which course path best suits your goals and interests can be confusing. You also have to consider the importance of having industry-recognised qualifications that will help in your career advancement.

As the largest AWS training academy in UK, we, at e-Careers will guide you through the different AWS certifications and help you choose the one that aligns with your career goals. Whether you want to become an AWS-certified solutions architect, developer, or SysOps administrator, this article will help your career journey.

What is AWS Cloud, and how does it work?

What is AWS Cloud, and how does it work?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world's most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud computing platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centres globally. It allows businesses and individuals to access computing power, storage, and other functionalities over the internet.

AWS cloud computing allows you to create a virtual version of a physical computer, including its operating system (OS), applications, and data. It hosts multiple virtual machines on a single physical server.

If you are watching Netflix or other streaming services, that means you're also using cloud technology. Cloud platforms work behind the scenes to store and manage vast amounts of data when you stream your favourite TV shows or movies. It means you can access your movies on Netflix on other devices even if you don't download them locally.

And while cloud computing seems complicated, learning AWS does not require prior IT experience. You can be a career changer from almost any other non IT related industry and still be able to grasp the principles of AWS.

What's important is that you choose a proper course and learning provider. For example, e-Careers offers a structured pathway to help you transition from beginner to expert.

Understanding the importance of AWS Certification

Understanding the importance of AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a prominent player in today's IT industry. Since its inception in 2006, businesses and individuals alike have increasingly utilised the features of AWS to streamline operations, harness big data, and drive innovation.

On 4 December 2023, AWS was hailed as a cloud computing leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Cloud Platform Services (SCPS).

And as the number of AWS users grows, the demand for AWS-skilled professionals also grows exponentially. Achieving an AWS certification is one effective way to demonstrate your cloud computing expertise and stand out in the highly competitive IT industry.

Here's why:

  • Validation of skills

    An AWS certification confirms that you possess the requisite skills and knowledge of fundamental AWS cloud services and can effectively leverage AWS architecture.

  • Increased career opportunities

    Certified professionals can access various job roles, from Cloud Practitioner to Solutions Architect, Database Specialist, and more.

  • Higher earning potential

    AWS-certified professionals enjoy higher salary scales than those with less or no certifications. According to Glassdoor, an AWS Certified Developer (Associate) certification can command an average salary of £52,000. Meanwhile, an AWS Certified Solutions Architect earns around £72,000.

  • Professional growth

    The Jefferson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: AWS Edition reveals that 73% of AWS professionals reported a salary increase averaging 27% after obtaining their certification. An AWS certification is far from a decorative title on your CV. It is proof of your professional growth and dedication to continuous learning.

  • Industry recognition

    Having an AWS certification under your belt gives you an edge over your peers. It also adds credibility to your professional profile in the eyes of employers.

  • Knowledge of the latest trends

    AWS certification exams are continually updated to reflect the latest industry trends and best practices in cloud computing, thus keeping your skills fresh and relevant.

    You can use online training providers like e-Careers to navigate your AWS learning journey. We offer a wide range of AWS certification courses that can guide you in mastering the nuances of the AWS cloud environment. From the foundational AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner course to the more comprehensive AWS Cloud Computing Career Academy Programme, you can choose a course that aligns with your career aspirations.

The Best AWS Certification Paths

The Best AWS Certification Paths

Choosing the best AWS certification path can be complicated, but understanding your career goals can make the process easier. Here's a look at some of the most popular AWS certification paths:

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is the foundational level for anyone new to the industry.

It introduces you to AWS Cloud's basic principles, including its core services and pricing models. These skills make you a viable candidate for various IT roles. You can expect roles in AWS-related project management, sales, and marketing positions.

This certification also provides a solid grounding to deepen your understanding of AWS. It is a valuable entry-point certification that helps professionals understand cloud concepts and core AWS services, laying a solid foundation for future advanced AWS certifications.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

This course path is ideal for those looking to design systems on AWS. As an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, you'll develop and deploy scalable, fault-tolerant systems on AWS. It often leads to opportunities in solutions architect roles.

Upon certification, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of architectural principles, enabling you to effectively propose solutions that meet customer requirements. Your learnings will span various applications and systems and set a solid foundation for future certifications.

A solid understanding of distributed systems, network architecture, and multi-tier applications is critical to succeeding in this AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification. These areas of knowledge, coupled with your practical skills, will guide you through the exam's questions on designing and implementing AWS services.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)

The Professional certification extends the associate-level Solutions Architect course. It enables you to design and deploy dynamic applications and build on advanced knowledge of architectural solutions.

This professional certification is ideal for those who wants to learn managing complex AWS solutions. You can qualify for this course after acquiring the associate-level Solutions Architect certificate. This level aims to deepen your expertise, enhance your problem-solving skills and open up more opportunities for leadership roles in IT project management.

At this point, it is crucial to note that all AWS certifications require continuous learning and updates due to the evolving nature of cloud technologies.

Therefore, earning these certifications means committing to ongoing skill development, ensuring you stay ahead in your IT career.

AWS Cloud Computing Career Academy Programme

This programme equips you with comprehensive knowledge of AWS cloud fundamentals and best practices. It offers a well-rounded education on cloud concepts, architecture, security and cloud computing economics, giving you a head start on your AWS journey.

It provides structured and rigorous training on cloud concepts, architecture, security, and economics, preparing you for various AWS certifications and professional roles in cloud computing. The comprehensive curriculum of this programme ensures you gain a broad understanding of AWS cloud technologies.

Aside from that, this programme includes the whole package of different certifications. It also includes the AWS Fundamentals in DevOps.

To ensure a higher chance of passing in certification exams, e-Careers offer study sessions where you can access unlimited lectures and participate in exam preparations. Our courses will also help you gain real-life experience through our hands-on lab.

If you are planning to get more advanced roles like AWS Certified SysOps Administrator and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, this course can be a great starting point.

Here's what you will be responsible for in the two roles:

  • As an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, you will operate, manage, and deploy on the AWS platform. In this role, you'll handle the daily operations of the AWS cloud environment and be responsible for implementing and managing various cloud-based applications.
  • An AWS Certified DevOps Engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining AWS automation infrastructure and tooling. These engineers work closely with development and operations teams to facilitate seamless product updates and launches. They are often responsible for integrating and automating processes between these teams to achieve more efficient and reliable outputs.

Other Specialty Certifications

Beyond the best AWS certifications we mentioned, there are many other valid certifications in cloud computing and IT. It includes niche-specific certifications to cater to particular needs and specialities within the sector.

Here are some of them:

  • AWS Certified Machine Learning

    This certification enables you to develop, implement, and maintain Machine Learning solutions on the AWS platform. It is perfect for individuals who want to specialise in ML and work in data science roles.
  • AWS Certified Security Specialty

    This certification focuses on advanced security concepts and the ability to design and implement security protocols on AWS. It's ideal for professionals wanting to showcase their expertise in maintaining high-level security standards within an AWS architecture.
  • AWS Certified Database Speciality

    This certification equips you with the expertise to design, manage and maintain AWS database technology. This certification is suited to those who aim to specialise in database administration and management.
  • AWS Certified Data Analytics

    This certification sharpens your skills in designing, building, securing and maintaining analytics solutions on AWS that are efficient, cost-effective, and secure. It's well-suited for professionals involved in designing and operating big data analysis.
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking

    This speciality certification is ideal for professionals who carry out complex networking tasks. The certification verifies your ability to design, develop and deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS and your expertise in implementing core AWS services according to architectural best practices.

How much does AWS certification cost?

How much does AWS certification cost?

Navigating the path to becoming AWS certified involves understanding the potential financial investment required.

Although AWS certification exams are reasonably priced, the total cost of getting AWS certification exceeds the exam fee. It includes expenses for preparatory courses like foundational classes or diving into more advanced specialty certifications.

When selecting a learning institution for your AWS training, consider the following factors to get the most value for your investment:

  • Accreditation and Reputation:

    Look for institutions with recognition for their high-quality cloud computing training and AWS certifications. Search for the institution's standing in the industry, its track record in training AWS-certified professionals, and the endorsements it may have from AWS itself or technology and industry bodies.
  • Course Content:

    Ensure that the courses are comprehensive, up-to-date, and cover all necessary aspects of the AWS certification exams. It includes understanding the theory and application of AWS services, hands-on lab sessions to test your skills, and training to solve real-world scenarios you might face during the exam. Also, ensure the course stays updated with the frequent changes in AWS services.
  • Flexibility:

     Consider whether the institution offers flexible learning options that can fit around your schedule. Some offer virtual classrooms, online courses, resource access on video tutorials, weekend or evening classes, and self-paced learning modules. A flexible training schedule not only facilitates easy learning but also enables you to balance your work or personal commitments.
  • Support Services:

    Check if they provide additional support such as mentorship, access to AWS experts, or career guidance from success coaches post-certification. It means discovering if they offer growth masterclasses that could prepare you for future jobs. Your course should have AWS experts readily available to answer your queries and recruitment support to ensure you're job ready.
  • Networking Opportunities:

    Consider if the institution provides networking opportunities that allow you to interact with your peers and AWS professionals. These interactions could provide valuable insights, help clarify doubts, and potentially lead to future job opportunities.
  • Pricing Structure:

    While cost should not be the only factor, comparing prices among different providers is essential to finding a course that offers value. When analysing the pricing structure, consider the course's upfront cost and additional expenses, such as course materials or exam fees.

We at e-Careers stand out in this regard by offering a blend of quality, flexibility, and support tailored to the needs of aspiring AWS professionals. Unlike traditional learning institutions, we specialise in delivering virtual classroom AWS training catering to beginners and advanced learners.

How e-Careers can help you in your AWS training

How e-Careers can help you in your AWS training

Embarking on your journey towards becoming an AWS-certified professional is a significant step in setting yourself apart in the IT industry. We at e-Careers uniquely facilitate this journey by providing a structured pathway that ensures mastery of AWS cloud concepts and a successful transition into the cloud computing sector.

Here's how e-Careers navigates you through the process, from the initial consultation to becoming an in-demand professional.

Initial call with AWS Course Consultant

The first step involves a personalised consultation with an AWS course consultant. We will help match your aspirations and background with the right AWS certification path. Whether you aim to be an AWS cloud practitioner or an AWS-certified solutions architect, you can get the answer to your dilemmas.

Having a call with our AWS course consultants ensures that your chosen AWS certification aligns with your career goals.


Following a detailed discussion and course selection, enrolment signifies the commitment to elevate your career. We facilitate a smooth enrolment process, guiding you every step of the way. 

You will receive the study materials and resources required for your chosen AWS certification course at this stage. You can also access our learning platform, where you can begin your AWS training journey at your own pace.


The onboarding process introduces you to the e-Careers ecosystem, ensuring you are well-prepared and informed about the journey ahead. You will receive comprehensive orientation and access to relevant learning resources during this stage. It gives you the necessary tools and information to succeed in your AWS training. 

Official Course

Engaging in the official course material, you'll dive deep into AWS cloud concepts, guided by industry experts. The comprehensive curriculum covers everything from core AWS services to advanced architectural principles. It ensures you're well-prepared for AWS certification exams.

Here are some of the courses we offer:

Support Programme

We offer unparalleled support programmes to help you be industry-ready. You will get study sessions that include access to unlimited lectures, hands-on experience through practice activities, and participation in exam preparations.

Aside from that, we offer career preparation sessions. We have career coaches that will help optimise your online job profiles and resume. Our coaches will also help you ace your job interviews. Furthermore, e-Careers have AWS job club and community peer support, which are crucial for your professional growth.

Career in Cloud Computing

This step signifies the transition from learning to applying your skills in the cloud computing sector. We assist in making this transition seamless, aiming to place you in a role where your AWS certifications can shine.

Moreover, at e-Careers, we offer networking opportunities through the annual AWS summit. Here, you can connect with industry professionals and company decision-makers.

To give you more career opportunities, you will get access to the AWS discord community, where you can talk with over 1000 trained and working AWS professionals. Building connections with them will offer you more referral opportunities.

Become an in-demand professional and grow your career

The final goal is to help you achieve an industry-recognised credential and ensure you become a sought-after professional in the AWS ecosystem, continuously growing and advancing your career.

We impart essential knowledge and skills to excel in AWS cloud computing through this carefully designed course pathway. We also provide a robust support system to ensure you are ready according to industry standards.

Continuous learning: The key to success in AWS

Continuous learning: The key to success in AWS

In the dynamic world of AWS, where technology and best practices evolve swiftly, it is essential to practice continuous learning.

Staying updated with the latest AWS and speciality certifications is crucial to advancing your career and securing promotions. Engaging in ongoing education ensures your skills remain relevant and highly valued in the competitive IT sector.

Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is just the beginning of a lifelong learning journey. As the cloud computing landscape expands, so does the need for specialised knowledge in security, data analytics, and machine learning.

By pursuing advanced AWS certifications, you can unlock new career opportunities and climb higher up the career ladder. Upskilling enhances your technical abilities and demonstrates a commitment to professional development.

Additionally, we at e-Careers provide structured pathways and support programmes to help you navigate the complexity of AWS services and prepare for certification exams.

Through a commitment to continuous learning, AWS practitioners can remain at the forefront of cloud innovation, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow's IT landscape.


Choosing a suitable AWS certificate is a pivotal moment in your journey towards a successful career in IT. With various AWS certifications available, from foundational levels to advanced speciality certifications, making an informed decision can shape your future in cloud computing.

AWS certification paths offer a solid starting point, opening doors to more specialised paths such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect or Certified Cloud Practitioner. Each certification equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in specific areas of the cloud platform, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the IT industry.

Our courses, ranging from introductory to advanced levels, are crafted to provide you with the expertise needed to succeed in the ever-expanding cloud computing industry.

Take that step towards securing your place in the cloud computing industry. Let e-Careers guide you in selecting the right AWS certification to propel your career forward.

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